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How to Embed Form Submissions on a Website?

How to Embed Form Submissions on a Website?

Yes! You read that right. You can embed your form submissions to a website from JotForm tables. Furthermore, you have the option to embed your form data in different views like cards, uploads, or calendar.

  1. Choose the type of view you want to embed. I chose the Cards view for this example.
    Cards View
  2. We will change the privacy settings of the table and make it Public. Embed code is available only for Public tables.
    1. Click on Share at the top right of the screen.
    2. Click on Share Settings in the popup window.
      Share Settings
      Share Settings
    3. Change the privacy from Private to Public Table.
      Public Table
      Public Table
  3. Now, go to the Embed tab and copy the Embed Code.
    Copy Embed Code
    Copy Embed Code

See the embed submissions preview in the screencast below:

Embed Preview

Embed Preview

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  • maneetfashion

    I want to make auction form. With field such as latest bid display.

  • billy_billy380

    So I have a table with a form someone can fill out. I was wondering is there a way where we can have multiple lines "down".. for example I have a apartment investor with 10 locations with Houston, Dallas, Austin.. Is there anyway where they can just click "enter" and it go down to the next row and prefill that out without them having to do the same form over and over again for each location?

  • prhea

    Do survey recipients have to create a jotform account to respond?

  • RockyMtnADL

    When I embed the card view into a website, a short answer field is truncated and won't expand (unless I'm logged in, but my site visitors don't have JotForm accts). Is there a way to expand this so it shows the complete entry?