How to View Incomplete Payments of Your Payment Forms

December 22, 2022

If a user successfully completes a payment on your form, this will be posted as a valid payment submission. However, if the user’s payment wasn’t successful because their payment method was declined, customer’s browser has been closed before the payment was completed, or the payment has been refused for another reason – this will be logged as an incomplete payment.

In order to view incomplete payments for your payment form, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the My Forms page.
  2. Select the form with incomplete payments you want to view.
  3. Click on the Submissions button that will lead you to Jotform Tables.
  1. In Jotform Tables, click on the icon with the kebab menu in the main submissions tab.
  2. Click the Pending payments option.
  1. Hover your mouse over the submission with the incomplete payment, and click the View details button.
  1. You should see the following options:
  • If you want to complete the selected incomplete payment, click the Complete button.
    Confirm the payment by clicking the OK button in the popup. Click the Cancel button to leave the payment incomplete.
  • If you want to delete the incomplete payment, click on the Delete Forever button. Click the Delete button if you’re sure. Otherwise, click the Cancel button.

How To View Incomplete Payments on the Old Submissions Page

On the old submissions page, the Incomplete Payments button is just below the title of your form.


Click the button to open your list of incomplete payments. You may Delete the item, view its Details, or Complete the Submission.


Please note that completing a submission will NOT process a payment. The system will simply treat this as a regular submission. It can be included on form reports and will trigger any email alerts set up for the form.

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