Adding a Security Certificate Seal to Your Forms

March 28, 2024

In Jotform, all forms are secured including free accounts. This is indicated by the HTTPS protocol and the lock icon in your form’s URL. Displaying a security certificate seal on your form reassures users that their data is being transmitted securely. It indicates that your form uses secure communication and adheres to security protocols.

To display a security certificate seal on your form

  1. Add an Image element to your form where you want the seal to appear.
The Image element in Jotform
  1. In the properties panel on the right, select Choose a File.
Steps to display an image in Jotform

Note: To open properties, select the Image element’s gear icon.

  1. In the dialog, go to My Images.
  2. Select the secure certificate seal, then click Use Selected.
Adding a Security Certificate Seal to Your Forms Image-1

The certificate seal should now appear on your form. You can adjust its size and alignment as needed.

The Image element's size and alignment options in Jotform

See How to Display Images on Your Form to learn more.

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