How to Display Images on Secure Forms

October 18, 2021

If you have a form containing various images (backgrounds, banners, icons, photos) and those images are displayed when the form is viewed at its non-secure (HTTP://) URL but not at the secure (https://www, https://form) one, or your browser gives a warning about the page containing non-secure elements, the images need to be stored at secure locations (URLs).

If you do not have a secure location to store images, clone this form, view the cloned form, and upload your images.

User Guide to clone: How to Clone an Existing Form from a URL.

After uploading the images, do the following:

a. View your Form Tables:

b. Find the entry you just made and view it. Expand the view of the uploaded image:

c. Right-click the image and click Copy Image Address:

d. Edit your form containing the non-secure image.

In the form builder, click the Image field > click its Properties > click the Choose File button > click the Enter URL option > paste the Image Address that you have just copied > click the Add Link button to finish.

See the figures from the below screenshot for the steps:

Do the same for each subsequent image that needs securing.

For background images in your form’s custom CSS codes box, replace the URL in the injected CSS with the secure (https://www) version of the URL that you will obtain from the submission records of the image upload form.

In other words, the full non-secure URL of the background-trees.png image is:

If you wanted to use that image in the form’s background, the URL would have to be changed to:

After updating all of the image URLs, save the form, and that’s it!

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