How To Set Up a Send Email Element in Jotform Approvals

October 14, 2021

The Send Email element allows you to send an email to anyone at any point in your flow. You can notify the requestor when their request has been approved or denied, or notify people that aren’t part of the approval process but would like to hear about the end result of the request. 

From the Approval elements, drag and drop the Send Email element to the flow canvass.


Click the mail icon next to the Send Email element to configure it. You’ll see three tabs: Email, Recipients, and Advanced.


This is where you can change and personalize the Email Subject and customize the Email Content.



Here, you can change the Sender Name, Reply-to Email, and the Recipient Email

The Reply-to Email should be your email address, your colleagues, or whoever is tasked with responding to emails when someone replies after their approval/denial. 

If you wish to send an email to the requestor, select Recipient Email as the email field. Otherwise, enter the email address of the recipient. 


In the Advanced tab, you can attach a file. The system accepts PDFs, image files, or Word files. Note that you can only attach one file to an email. 

You can also change the Sender Email. The default is, but you can add a different email if you wish. To add a sender email address, follow the instructions from the following guides:


Test the email by clicking the Test Email button at the bottom right side of the window. Otherwise, click the Save button to finish. 

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