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How Do You Share or Publish Your Approval Workflow?

How Do You Share or Publish Your Approval Workflow?

Here we cover all of the options under the Publish tab to share your approval workflow within the form.

1. Quick Share

You can quickly share the link to the form or invite people to fill out the form using our quick share tab:

You can share the form via Twitter, Facebook, or QR code. Also, you can share your form as a template.

2. Embed

The Embed tab includes the available options to embed your forms into a web page.

3. Assign Form

Users can assign the form to others by sharing the form link or inviting them to fill out the form.

4. Email

Users can share the form link via email. They can also set up periodic reminder emails to share the link to the form.

5. Platforms

Click on Platforms to share your forms via third-party platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

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