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Adding a form to (Freewebs)

Adding a form to (Freewebs)

Important Note: Inserting Custom HTML in is a premium feature.

1. While on edit mode, click on the Publish button.

2. Under Platforms,  search for "webs" to filter the result then click 

3. Copy the form code provided under the

4. On top menu, click on "Site Builder".

5. At the bottom, click on "Other" then drag and drop the "Custom HTML" button to the "Drag and Drop modules here" area.

6. Double click the custom html element in order to insert html tags.

7. Paste the JotForm code on the HTML editor. 

8. After that click the "Save Changes" button and then Publish it.

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    How can i do that on another platforms like that?

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    Really thanks 4 sharing this post