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How to Test Payment Tool on Sandbox Mode?

How to Test Payment Tool on Sandbox Mode?

Sandbox Mode is a basic test tool normally for developers that completely simulates the process of payment, error responses, and reports.  If you wish to know how it feels to make/receive payment, this is a featured tool that you can use.  

First, you will need to create a Sandbox account at  Make sure to know the API login and Transaction Key. And this is also not the same as the Sandbox Mode on your live account.

Once you have created your account at, you will receive an email from them about the details of your new developer/test account.  You will also receive dummy credit card numbers which you can run your simulation.

a. Click on the Authorize.Net payment field. 

b. Click on the Authorize.Net wizard icon: 

c. Click the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the wizard:

d. Swipe the Sandbox Mode to Yes under the Additional Gateway Settings tab.

e. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Continue button. Close the wizard and save the changes. 

Once done, you may run your form with Authorize.Net payment tool to simulate payment transactions after you have completed the wizard.  Note: Please take note that your form will consider submissions as an actual payment.

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  • Abhisekh Panda

    While signing up for Sandbox I am getting this error-

    The sandbox is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try to create a test account in a few minutes.

  • Souhear

    What's API and how can I be sure that the payment can be transferred into my account?

  • rdjoseph897

    I have placed the API Login ID# and the Transaction Key into the settings, but I still get an error when I hit SUBMIT

  • diksha sre


    I have error please check your card details

  • Findmarket

    Getting this error..

    Error 33: Bill To Company is required.

  • milbra

    I have 2 questions about my "Test Item Form".

    1. Is there a way for the customer to purchase their items without our site collecting the credit card information?

    2. When I click SUBMIT on my test form, all I see is a blank screen. There are no submissions in JotForm or purchases in Authorize.

  • anil

    Hello sir

    i have integrated authorise payment in my site. For testing purpose i have used sandbox but it shows error->(Transaction Error) Error processing payment. please help

  • rajivtandon

    I want to check transaction detail on sandbox account.
    I have searched a lot on google.
    I saw Record tab of my sanbbox account. But did not any transaction detail so Please inform me how I will get my transation history on sandbox account. Please reply its urgent.
    on email id :- ""

  • anthonyrap

    So i've integrated and taken it off "test" and it says integration is good, how do i actually run the card? Currently the form gets filled out i get a response email as i should, but there is no transaction within my account nor do i receive an email from for the transaction?

  • joeykiker

    So in doing this will I be able to actually see these payments on my actual Auth.Net account? I really need to see how the invoicing is showing up.

  • xcitemedia

    Is there a way to specify auth_only or auth_capture? Meaning, only authorize the info and hold for approval, not capture the payment immediatley?