How to Capture Stripe Payment Authorization

February 27, 2024

If you need to capture your form fillers’ Stripe payment information, Jotform makes this workflow easy for you. You can send and keep your form fillers’ payment information in your Stripe dashboard and charge them later with whatever amount necessary,

To capture your form fillers’ Stripe payment information

  1. Connect your Stripe account to your form. See How to Integrate Stripe With Jotform to learn more.
  2. Once your Stripe account is connected, in payment settings, set your Payment Type to “Sell Products.”
The Sell Products payment type in Jotform Form Builder

Note: Select your Product List’s wand icon, to open payment settings.

  1. Expand the Additional Gateway Settings section, then configure the options as shown below:
    • Show Total Price on the Form: No
    • Users Can Select Multiple Products: No
    • Create Stripe Customer Record: For Each Submission
    • Charge Customer Immediately: No
Additional gateway settings in Jotform Form Builder
  1. Select Continue at the bottom to proceed.
  2. Now, add a dummy product worth $0.50.
    Note: This amount will not be charged to your customer’s credit card unless you choose to.
  3. Set your dummy product as selected by default.
Steps to create a dummy product in Jotform Form Builder
  1. Lastly, inject the following CSS code into your form to hide the dummy product. See How to Inject Custom CSS for more information:
.form-all [data-type="control_stripe"] .form-label,
.form-all [data-type="control_stripe"] .product-container-wrapper {
display: none !important;

Once completed, your form filler’s record is created in your Stripe account when your form is submitted. You can then manually charge your customer in your Stripe dashboard using this record anytime you see fit.

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