Form View Limits: What Is It All About?

April 13, 2022

Recently, there was a new feature released – Form Views. You can read more about it on our blog here: Announcing Pricing Modification: Form View Limits.

Now, there might be some questions yet unanswered and we would be happy to answer them – which is the purpose of this article.

We should start with the limits. They can all be seen on our pricing page and as you can see, depending on the plan, you will have different form view counts:

  • Free Plan – the limit is to 1,000 form views per month.
  • Bronze Plan – the limit is set to 10,000 form views per month.
  • Silver Plan – the limit is set to 100,000 form views per month.
  • Gold Plan – the limit is set to 1,000,000 form views per month.

Now, that covers everything easy to see, and we will reply to all else through segments, so feel free to jump to the heading of your interest, although we do suggest checking it all out.

What Exactly Does a Form View Mean?

Form view is sometimes referred to as impression and it is any type of loading of the form. So if you have a page on your website that gets 1,000 views per month and embedded the form on the same page, you are OK with the free plan – as long as form views go. Each time someone loads your page would load the form and that would be a form view.

If someone goes to edit their submission – that is another example of a form view. Disabled forms will, however, not increase your form views.

Will Views From Preview Count as Form Views?

No. The Preview will not be counted against your form views. It will also not count if the form is viewed by yourself while you are logged in – even if the form is embedded on your website.

This means that form views only count if someone else views the form. The same applies if you are not logged into the system while checking it.

Where Can We Check Our Form Views?

You can check your Form Views by hovering on your Avatar and clicking View more.


Or, by going to your account’s Usage page.


What if I Have an Additional Question?

Great. We are waiting for you on our forum, so just let us know 🙂

You can do that by leaving a comment under this guide or by creating a new ticket.

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