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Achieving InfusionSoft Campaign Goals with JotForm

Achieving InfusionSoft Campaign Goals with JotForm

If you’re like many of our users, you have been using JotForm to market your business and sell your products or services. InfusionSoft provides a great campaign builder that will allow you to launch multi-step campaigns in order to drum up interest and get more potential customers.

Say, user Maria entered her email up on your form so she can get some valuable information related to your service. She will be added to the campaign so you can follow up on her with marketing emails. The end goal for this campaign might be getting her to order a year of subscription or at least sign up to a free trial.

How to trigger a campaign goal with JotForm

  1. 1. While logged in to InfusionSoft, click the account that is integrated to JotForm (typically named JotForm)

  1. 2. Go to Campaign Builder and click on your campaign's name (or create if you don't have one yet)

  2. 3. Add a new goal that is to be achieved when an “API call is made”

  1. 4. Give the goal a Call Name; remember this call name

5. Provide the call name to the InfusionSoft integration wizard on JotForm

That's it! Each time your form is submitted, the campaign goal will be triggered for the corresponding user in your campaign.

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  • kavindu.xi3

    my jotform is linked to infusionsoft. i used file upload option in jotform. when i submit the form with a uploaded file, i cannot find that uploaded file in infusionsoft.

  • Heatherld

    Hi there,
    I am trying to integrate my winterization form with Infusionsoft. I am not getting it connected. When I select API name what would I put there? I put winteration, but the information did not carry over.

  • PatientCaregivers

    I'm trying to integrate Infusionsoft...I've authenticated the Infusionsoft app, selected tags, and added the API call name...
    Under "Match Your Fields" it has "email" and then it won't allow me to select anything. So I can't proceed with the integration at all. Any recommendations??