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Where to Find My Form URL?

Where to Find My Form URL?

To get your Form URL, follow these 2 simple steps.

1. While on the Form Builder, click the PUBLISH button.

2. Under Quick Share tab, click the Copy Link button to copy your Form URL.

That's it! Now share the form URL to your customers for them to fill the form.

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  • emmadavidofficial6

    These steps are very helpful. Thanks for your guide.

  • krishna62

    Dear Team,

    I would like to know is it possible to embed the form in email as we use signature in the email.

  • Robert Semco

    We have 4 forms, but this is one link.
    We have other email addresses too, which is why I am not sure which was used to sign up.
    Thank you,

  • krystaldannylast

    This is my form link...

    I am hoping I can get it to stop printing the extra info at the the customers name, updated date, today's date and submission date are all at the top but I don't need all that...I just need it to start with the customers name.

    Also...for some reason the phone number is showing up at the bottom and not at the top by the name where I have it...

    Also...when they type in an answer...when it is shortened

  • MedFranCo

    Please cancel and refund this renewal, we did not want to renew and have not used the forms in almost a year.

    Thank you!

  • Heather Counts

    Hi can I text message my form to someone, or can it only be sent by email? If it can be texted how do i do that, please step by step instructions.

    Thank you,


  • Geraldine Hartsoe

    I am a customer of 2A4life. I was trying to fill out their 12 page form to get a confirmation to return something I bought from them. I got thru all the pages then clicked submit and I got a Whoops saying something like it didn’t go thru, with a picture of a cartoon thingy.

  • Renee Derenne

    We want to learn more about jotform and how you can help us create a secure way to have staff fill out applications on our website. When we have tried to make contact, it stated that you won't accept free emails, as I have a gmail account.
    Would we not be able to utilize jotform, simply because we have gmail accounts?
    If so, we will move on to other companies that we can do business with
    Please let me know

  • paul.aslanian

    I tired and its been a long day but I have looked and cant find the "publish" button. I only have the free edition as today is my first day, is it not available with that? I like the idea of what you are offering and am considering the pay service but I have way to much time in this today, please help. Thanks

  • stephenmangan

    All good thanks for your help. Excellent

  • southernstar

    I was aware of this but when you have 100s of forms and want to be ale to get a list of all form URL is what I am asking. It would be nice to have an export of all form names and URLs so that they could be shared with other employees that need the form list.


    Muchas gracias !! Quedó resuelto

  • drkate

    2 questions
    1.) can you embed the link to be filled out?
    2.) can you make forms with pictures you can draw on?

  • Angie Strickland

    How do I get this to a link and be able to add it to my profile in Instagram?

  • Angie Strickland

    How do I get this to a link and be able to add it to my profile in Instagram?

  • Salon283

    I wish you guys had a actual Phone this is a tedious process which makes using your site more complicated. Especially for non techy pros like myself

  • Vic Caparroso

    can't find the link..

  • Gary

    I have had my form for months, a potential client emailed me to say the form wasn’t loadin and when I logged on it’s gone from me my account Thst was my link to the form

  • Caroline48

    I would just like the form filled out and returned to my email account.
    Sorry I am not very computer literate and I can't figure it out
    To test it I have sent the form to myself and I can fill it out, but how can I send it back to my email..I don't understand the url part/when I click that says saved to clipboard??
    sorry very confused.


    Here is the link

    Check questions P1b., G3a and R7. Respondents are complaining that they cannot see the last items and also the form gets "bogged down"

    Steven Apell

  • NARC2020JotForm

  • yashmashalkar1910

    my form isnt working

  • sohel23334567

    Dear sir, teach me a little what to do now. I want to work with you.

  • Md.Atikul Islam

    How can i get my payment.

  • JoyceStanley

    I would like to change the name of this form to match my event, how can I change that from the form number to paddlepuntagorda instead of this form number so it matches my event.

  • tshlvhebert1

    I've already created the form. The publish tab does not appear on the form at all.

  • PeterNjoroge

    Nyce one

  • ashutoshsinghrajput008

    nice one

  • Stewart Silver

    The forms on both my website have a problem costing is thousands. The website are. and. if you can't fix them immediately please contact me. Stewart.

  • Stewart Silver

    Our website is our payment form is not working what is happening. please advise asap

  • Nicole Kipos

    The error message on screen says

    PCI checks are failed

    sorry I cannot figure out how to send the actual screen shot to you - google seems to be preventing it.


  • xe ba gac ha noi

    Nice... I'm thankful

  • Ali

    Hi, Can any one discuss in brief what is the outcome of creating custom URL? please.

  • Amyvan

    I'm unable to create a Custom URL Form. When I tried changing the URL it would not let me remove my user name which is displayed in the URL. Can a URL be created without having the word "jotform" in it?

    Thank you.

  • Patience2037

    Nice... I'm thankful

  • Emerald4157

    Thanks, for your help! Glad I found this source!

  • Ledraoriginals



  • VENDAwells

    i need help findingy user name and password.can you send me a telehone numberto call?