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How to Integrate JotForm with Zoho CRM

How to Integrate JotForm with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management service that helps businesses generate, organize, and manage leads. With JotForm's Zoho CRM integration, you can gather leads through your website with a custom contact or lead-generation form, and the submissions will instantly be sent to your Zoho workflow.

Spend less time manually entering contacts and more time converting leads into customers with JotForm's Zoho integration! Simply match the form fields in JotForm to the fields in your Zoho account and seamlessly transfer submission data directly to your CRM system.

Follow these steps to set up the Zoho CRM integration:

1. Go to Settings panel in the top navigation, and then select Integrations on the left side of the page. You'll find the Zoho CRM integration with a simple search.

2. Click on the Authenticate button. If your Zoho CRM account has been already been connected, select that via the dropdown. If you want to connect a new Zoho CRM account, click on the Add New Account button, and enter the credentials for your Zoho CRM account.

3. Once you've selected your Zoho CRM account, use the dropdown menu to select the module you want to add a record to. 

4. Select the layout you want to use via the dropdown.

5. Map the fields on your Zoho CRM account to the fields on your form.

6. Add a note and attach uploaded files to your record, if you want.

7. Select "Yes" to trigger your workflow in Zoho CRM.

8. Set your preferences for records that are already in Zoho CRM. If you want to update or keep an existing record, select the fields you want to check your new submission against. 

9. Click Save to complete the integration.

You can create multiple actions for various modules inside Zoho CRM using the same integration.

And that's it! Your form data will be sent to Zoho CRM every time someone submits your form.

Have you given it a try? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. 

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  • elikruzer

    can the PDF form and attachements recievd when the form has been completed and submitted, be uploaded and saved as attachement directly within a deal? (using deal ID numbers to locate the crrect deal)?

  • lucy624

    I have been using the Zoho CRM integration with no problem, but I'd like this particular form to create multiple forms in the same module in Zoho. The has contact information for 3 different contacts. When I submit a test form, nothing happens. Solutions?

  • 171980Aimi


    I have set up my integration, but when I test by submitting a new form, the record is not being created in Zoho CRM. Thoughts?

  • Barry Jamie

    Will I be able to use this integration to update EXISTING Zoho Accounts and Contacts rather than creating a new account?

  • KhalidOdeh

    Fine these steps, but How can I use the Zoho inside the form?

  • KhalidOdeh

    Fine these steps, but How can I use the Zoho inside the form?

  • MichelleStreeton

    Can you use the integration on a trial or not?

  • platinumlive

    I want to include the telephone country code in the data that is passed from JotForm to Zoho, example +61 for Australia; the full telephone number is passed thru to Zoho but the + symbol gets dropped or ignored somewhere along the way. The + symbol is needed for an automatic dialler that's used by a call centre.


  • mariarus

    I don't know where I can find my username in Zoho...Any clue?

  • elliedigity

    Can JotFrom integrate with custom fields in Zoho CRM, or only the standard fields?

  • shahabeddini

    I am met by this message when setting up to Zoho CRM - what does it mean EXCEEDED_MAXIMUM_ALLOWED_AUTHTOKENS?