How to Add Metadata to Your Box Uploads

October 27, 2021

Box Metadata allows you to define and store custom data and associate it with files that are uploaded through your JotForm.

Do note, however, that this feature is available only to Enterprise Box accounts.

Creating a Metadata Template

To get started, you must create a template on your Box account. Templates define the structure of the data that will be attached to your files.

If you already have a template ready for use, you may skip this section.

While logged in to  your Box account:

1. Proceed to Admin Console
2. Click the Work Processes button
3. Select the Metadata tab
4. Click Create New to add a brand new template

– Add an attribute name to identify your metadata field
– Select a format for the data
– Add a description (optional)

5. Hit Save to start using the template

Mapping Jotform fields to Your Metadata Template

Once you have successfully created a metadata template, head back to Jotform and start integrating your form to Box.

1. Authenticate your form to Box as usual. Afterwards, a dropdown should appear containing the template/s you have created.

2. Select the template you wish to use on your form.

3. Click the Add New Field button to start mapping Jotform fields. Make sure that the type of the field you are mapping to matches the format of the corresponding metadata attribute.

4. Click the Complete Integration button to save your form’s integration to Box

Field Types and Metadata Attribute Format

Box requires that values passed to the Metadata API match the format of the mapped attribute. If a mismatch is detected, the entire metadata will be discarded and will not be attached to the uploaded file.


Metadata attributes with a Text format can accept any type of text values. Most types of Jotform fields can be mapped to such attributes such as Text Box, Text Area, Drop Down, Check Box, and Radio Button.

Compound fields such as Full Name and Address can also be used—values will be concatenated with a blank space., i.e., “John Smith” or “9999 W Magnolia Blvd Burbank California 91505 United States”


Number-formatted attributes can accept only integers. As such, the Number field can be used. Text Box and Text Area fields can also be used, provided that the input is restricted to numbers using the Input Mask option. Drop Down, Check Box, and Radio Button can also be used as long as the options available are restricted to numbers.


Dropdown restricts the input to the options you listed in the metadata template setup. Drop Down, Check Box and Radio Button should be used here.


For Date-formatted metadata attributes, only DateTime field works for now.

Got any questions? Post them on the comments below and our support team will be happy to help you.

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