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Understanding Form Analytics and Ways on How to Get Your User's Info

Understanding Form Analytics and Ways on How to Get Your User's Info

Here's a guide that would help you to track your users and get some analytics data on your forms.

We have a variety of ways on how you can get more information on your users and their submissions. This will allow you to study how your users behave when visiting the page where the form is.

Using JotForm's Built-in Form Analytics

JotForm has its own form analytics, this gets basic information like the number of submissions per day, month, or year, the country where the submission is made, the device use, conversion rates, and others. Here are steps by steps on how you can use this.

Accessing the Form Analytics

Navigate to your My Forms page, select a form, click More and choose Form Analytics.

Form Analytics My Forms

Form Analytics My Forms

Familiarizing With the Form Analytics Dashboard

Here's how the dashboard looks like. It will allow you to sort the data by the current week or month, custom date range, or show everything.

Form Analytics Dashboard

Form Analytics Dashboard

You can click on the main set of tabs which are Views, Responses, Conversion Rate, and Avg. Time.

Form Analytics Main Tabs

Form Analytics Main Tabs

The next set of tabs is Traffic, Device, Platform, and Location. This will show you more information depending on the option you selected on the main tabs.

Form Analytics Advanced Tabs

Form Analytics Advanced Tabs


On the Traffic tab, it will show you the IP addresses of the visitors, the date when visited it, if they made a response, duration from the time of the visit and the time of the submission, their country, and the device used.

If a user made a response, you can directly view it from there.

Form Analytics View Response

Form Analytics View Response


This is the tab where you can view the different devices your visitors used.

Form Analytics Device Tab

Form Analytics Device Tab


This will show you the web browsers and the computer OS platform that your visitors used.

Form Analytics Platform Tab

Form Analytics Platform Tab


Here we have a small world map showing the distribution of the views and responses your visitors made.

Form Analytics Location Tab

Form Analytics Location Tab

Please note that JotForm's Form Analytics is still in the "Beta" stage, so we would greatly appreciate any feedback that you have so that we can improve this feature.

You can also check the following blog post links about our Form Analytics:

Using Google Analytics

If you are well-versed in the art of analytics and you are using Google Analytics in your work, then we have some great news for you. You can add the Google Analytics widget on your form that should allow you to get data on your form's visitors. You can add widgets on your form by following this guide: How to Add a Widget to your Form.

Add Ways on How to Get User Data

We have a number of widgets that are related to analytics. You can check this specific category on our widgets page:

The widgets that I find most useful to our users are the following:

Note that these widgets only fetches the information if a submission is made. If the user only visited your form, then these widgets can't get any information.

Catch User's Browser Information

Another solution is using a Hidden Box widget, that widget can get the browser information of your users. You can learn more about it on this specific guide: How to Catch User's Browser Info.

So far those are the available solutions that you can use. We hope that'll help.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to comment below or open a new thread on the forum page.


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  • kimberly204

    Can someone tell me how to assign privileges to my employees to be able to view submissions for specific forms?

  • GIMI

    Beware, this is not GDPR compliant. The IP counts as a personally identifiable information according to GDPR. And, contrary to what Jotform is posting in their privacy policy (please see below), I have yet to find a way to turn off IP-collection.

    Device data. JotForm Inc. collects data from the device and application you use to access our services, such as your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information, and browser type. JotForm Inc. may also infer your geographic location based on your IP address. Your IP address will be linked to your form responses unless a form creator has disabled IP address collection for the form you respond to.

  • john

    Hi there

    I've added the Google Analytics Tracking ID to a form.

    What information does this send to GA please ?

    Thank you


  • alrab75

    could you please define VIEWS?
    how do you calculate them?

  • SBWGAJane

    While I can see the IP addresses for the most recent responses to my form, I need to be able to print out a report with the IP addresses for all of them. I set the range but how do I see the IP addresses of the earlier responses?

  • rhinestone

    That page is showing the wrong IP addresses.

    I setup a new form and immediately tested it on my computer. The IP address shows up as not my ip. I came in from

    Then I tried on my cell phone and the form analytics is giving me a way different IP too.

    Form name is Payments. Try it yourself.

  • jjakubowicz

    I would like to see analytics of all traffic, not just recent visitors. Is this possible to view?

  • goldrushrealty

    I really want to tabulate the individual responses of my anonymous survey. It's rare I don't need the users' info, but in this case, it an opportunity to tabulate a broad set of answers to questions posed to people in a group who are scattered all over the US. The info will actually be shared with them.

  • LS_Launch

    Hi There, I notice in the Platform tab of the analytics segment, that none of my viewers have accessed the form from Instagram. This is surprising b/c we publicize actively on Instagram to an audience that uses Instagram much more than they use Facebook. I'm wondering if, for analytics purposes, you lump Instagram together with Facebook as a platform. I'm asking because if none of my views are coming from Instagram, I may need to rethink my publicity strategy. :)

    Jenifer Martin

  • imagecraft

    Looking for a way for my client to access the analytics for a form I have on the website.
    They already use the submission form date via a password protected link.
    Do they have to access it through google analytics?

    Thanks in advance

  • imagecraft

    I'm looking for a way for my client to access form analytics. They already have access to submission info.
    Thanks in advance.