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How To Add The Form Title On The Notification Email?

How To Add The Form Title On The Notification Email?

Adding the form title on the email notification would help you identify which form the email coming from. This would also help you identify the name of the page where the form is embedded, especially if you have your website page as your Form Title.

In order to place for title into the subject line of your form notification, please follow the steps below:

1. On the My Forms page, select the form and then click the Edit Form button.

2. In the Form Builder, click the Settings button in the top toolbar and then Emails.

3. The email wizard will appear. Select the notification and then click the Edit (pencil) icon.

4. In the Email tab, click the Pencil icon.

5. Make sure the Form Title - {form_title} is checked. Click the Apply button when you're done.

6. Finally, click the Save button to save the changes. You're done!

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  • Gemma_contactus

    Our submissions have stopped being emailed to us?

  • Ines

    I renamed my form but when i share it on facebook , the old title still appears instead of the new one ! what should i do please ?

  • Wekstrom

    This does not address my question. Can a response (Contact Us) form be structured like an ordinary email wherein you enter a "Subject" line. The recipient, in this case our company, can see at a glance what the inquiry is about and direct it to the proper department.

  • ehsan1077

    test emails are coming on my gmail but when form actually submitted by a user its not coming to my email id.,

  • Ed Grund

    Followed directions exactly.

  • Ed Grund

  • ericlym

    how to paragraph my products? the coding grouping all info like product name, quantity and price.. can it done by paragraph like below?

    item1 MYR 25 2 set
    item2 MYR 20 2 set

  • guest_22652720122038

    How can I place the 'contact me form' on my questionair page?

  • dlengyel

    Is there a way to place a "field" that exists in the form in the title? I would like to see a name in the title, such as, submitted by XXXXXXXXXXX. The field could change from each submission.

  • jorgealaniz

    why i received in my mail the form in a code sorce? example

  • JotFormSupport

    You should write the heading text manually on your notification as they will not change from submission to submission.

  • addvalueaustralia

    I have created a form and when submitted all the data is submitted but the headings are missing.

    How to show the heading in the email.

    Thank you.

  • nwfs

    When sending a link to someone via e-mail (share form > advanced options > e-mail > send invitaton) is there a way to save the subject heading and also change the body and re-save that as well?