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Create tasks in Asana with JotForm submissions

Create tasks in Asana with JotForm submissions

Asana is a premier platform for working with your team. It makes tracking projects, tasks and activities incredibly easy, inspiring robust engagement with all the team members as you move towards your objectives. 

Simply put, Asana is the go-to platform for teams which work great together. 

Sending your JotForm  responses to Asana is now easier that ever. With a few intuitive clicks, you can  map your JotForm fields to your Asana Project or Tasks.  When a new JotForm submission comes through, it will be sent directly to your team in Asana. 

1. On the settings tab on the JotForm builder, find Asana under Integrations as shown below. 

2. You may need to sign in to your Asana account to authorize the integration 

3. You can choose to 

  •  - create new projects 
  •  - new sections 
  •  - add a comment to one of your projects or 
  •  - create new tasks within an existing project. 

Click save to complete the integration settings. You can always come back anytime and modify the integration. 

Your JotForm, once submitted, will send the data to Asana automatically, freeing up your time to do what matters. 

We gave it a try with a support form, see it in action below: 

Have you given it a try? 
Did you like it? Did you find something that needs to work better? 
Tell us about it in the comments box below. 

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  • accactivities

    As mentioned below, the tag field in Asana does not populate when linked through from Jotform.

    I have tried linked various fields in my Jotfom to the tag field: email address, name etc. but this never appears in the Asana task created.

  • accactivities

    I have custom fields in my Asana tasks which I can't populate from Jotform. I.e. It only lets me populate set fields such as "Task Due" and "Task Assignee" which aren't relevant to my Asana project. Instead I want to populate fields I have created in Asana such as "Requestor Email Address".

    Can this functionality be added?

  • jainacamargo

    Hello! I did the integration with Asana, but during the process, I didn't see the options after I chose the workspace. I think is the same problem here:
    Would you help me?

  • TechmantraEngineering

    I am unable to integrate my form to asana.
    Is this feature is only for premium members?

  • emailancer

    Are you working on allowing Jotform file uploads to map to Asana file attachments?

    I am trying to create a project issue form which allows someone to upload a screenshot of a problem.

  • Carl

    Your form is limited by the team, if we are a small company that needs 1 form service that can be used by all members there is no need for teams. However, your form cannot continue without a team selected.

  • jglumb

    I can't seem to get my integration to create the Tag variable in Asana. I tried multiple fields from my form and it never creates the tag?

  • darienlibrary

    Hello! I'm thrilled about this integration. However, I don't get the option to pick a project. I have chosen to create a task with the JotForm submission. No further options appear after I select my workspace. Help?

  • ventureme

    Hello! In reference to Asana, I've edited the integration. Removed the integration and still no created task exist or is prompted when several test forms are submitted.

    * When integrating, Jotforms never loads the "Select a task, or assignee name" .

  • bemyguestnz

    Hello! I'm wondering if what I am experiencing is correct, I can't get past picking a project (see screenshot - it has been thinking like this for at least 10 minutes. I am expecting a "match your fields" to appear...