Setting up the Continue Forms Later Feature in Card Forms

November 26, 2021

The Continue Forms Later, also known as Autofill or Save and Continue, lets your users save their progress in the form and come back to it later to complete their submission. It’s similar to Classic Forms, which requires users to click the Save button to get a unique Session URL for their progress.

To enable Continue Forms Later, navigate to the following:

  • Settings at the top.
  • Form Settings on the left.
  • Click the Show More Options button.
  • Scroll down and look for the Continue Forms Later section.

With Card Forms, you can choose from the following options:

  • Enable when form has 10+ questions
  • Enabled
Card Form - Enable Continue Forms Later

You can also customize the Email Template for the Continue Forms Later. Click the Customize Save and Continue Later Email link if you wish to do so:

Card Form - Continue Forms Later - Customize Email

Under the Advanced tab, you can choose a Custom Sender Email:

Card Form - Continue Forms Later - Custom Sender Email

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Note the following aspects when using the Continue Forms Later feature:

  • If you choose Enable when form has 10+ questions, the Save button is unavailable if your form has less than ten (10) questions.
  • This feature doesn’t work on forms with less than four (4) fields.
  • The Progress Bar where the Save button is placed will only show up once the user fills out the first field on your form.
Continue Forms Later - Progress Bar

For saving progress, here are the following conditions:

For Logged In Users (users who had an account with Jotform), clicking the Save button will automatically send the Continue Forms Later Email to their registered email address. The following is the display window for logged in users after they click the Save button:

Continue Forms Later - Logged In Users

In the display window, they can choose to Resend the email or Get a Shareable Link.

For Guest Users (users who do not have an account with Jotform), clicking the Save button will prompt them to create an account or log in if they have an account with Jotform. If they don’t wish to create an account or log in, users can click the Skip Create an Account link to get the session URL.

Continue Forms Later - Guest Users

Clicking the Skip Create an Account link will display the following window:

Continue Forms Later - Guest Users Skip Create Account

The Email Address box will automatically fetch the email address from the Email Address element of the form, but assuming the user has filled that with their email address. Otherwise, users will have to provide the email address and click the Send button.

The users will receive the Continue Forms Later email as shown below:

Continue Forms Later - Email

All saved progress/sessions can be accessed through the Incomplete Submissions section of your form. Kindly check the following guide for more details: How to View Incomplete Submissions in Jotform Tables.

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