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How to Integrate JotForm with Hubspot CRM

How to Integrate JotForm with Hubspot CRM

HubSpot has been around for quite a while. With a competitive global presence, they are arguably the most comprehensive and productive marketing platform in the industry. With HubSpot CRM,  you can manage all your customers and business contacts in one place.
The HubSpot integration on JotForm connects seamlessly to your HubSpot CRM™  account, and automatically syncs your business and customer contacts.

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This guide will help you to connect your JotForm to HubSpot, and it should only take a couple of minutes.

1. From the JotForm form builder, you'll find the HubSpot integration with a simple search:

2. Click "Authenticate," then sign in to HubSpot when prompted. Afterwards, map your JotForm form fields to your contact list on HubSpot CRM™ :

And that's it!
Everytime you receive your forms, HubSpot CRM™ is automatically synced.
Like how it works? Got some feedback? We'd love to hear it, let us know in the comments below.

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  • CMLeadership

    Will this not create a contact in HubSpot if there is no email address provided in the JotForm?

  • Cascanette

    This doesn't seem to work. I've tried connecting to Hubspot from inside JotForm, and I've tried connecting to JotForm from Hubspot marketplace.

    When connecting to HubSpot from JotForm I was brought to my HubSpot authentication page, upon authenticating I see my account, and then a blank page. No error.

    When connecting through HubSpot marketplace it also didn't work. But no error. So on a third attempt back to JotForm I now see an option to Match your Hubspot fields to your JotForm fields, only the drop down doesn't populate with any mappable fields.

    So I am stuck.

  • intactgroup


    We are trying to intregrate Jotform with Hubspot as we use this all the time.
    How can we get the Jotform data or copy to get attached to the HubSpot email?

  • MurraySeward

    I have the same issue as Damian - some of the fields aren't populating.

  • damianwalters

    I have followed all the instructions and everything looks fine however the jot forms are not dropping into hubspot still?

  • iGlobalLive

    How long will it take to display in hubspot that a contact has filled out a form?

  • treasurer4ace

    Everything seems to map correctly except the membership type, which is nested under the payment element and integrated with Square. I'd like to sync the membership options as a checkbox/radio field in HubSpot. Possible?

  • leizman

    I would like the integration to create a deal using the contact data

  • Andreas1281

    Is it still not possible to sync custom fields to HubSpot? I saw that this integration is used more than 1500 times (source:

    Does this on warrant to create this feature now? What needs to happen to have this created?

    I am reading that i can use Really? You suggest to use a "non-GDPR"-complient product with a product that is GDPR compliant? No, that is not an option!

  • Clefology_Life

    How do I integrate a form that is already created and completed?

  • Tiffany Anderson

    Can I integrate past JOT form submissions Into hubspot Or only needs submissions going forward

  • DvineSS

    It was very easy to link Jotform to Hubspot! Awesome! I simply followed the instructions and I was able to link the two.

  • geoffreyhardy

    it doesn't work, I tested three different configs

  • Megan

    Is there an ETA on the custom form fields linkage from HubSpot to Jot Form? We are considering a subscription, but I think the 7 basic fields is a deal breaker.

  • yellowclover

    It only displays 7 basic form fields from my HubSpot account. I have many more that it needs to show! What am I doing wrong?

  • TheGlobalSchool

    How can I add my fields?

  • darkwatergroup11

    I collect 10 pieces of data on my jot form. jotform doesn't seem to let me map all 10 of my own custom fields. For example i want the entire form in my hubspot. not just the 6 fields you dictate