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Prepopulating Fields to Your JotForm via URL Parameters

Prepopulating Fields to Your JotForm via URL Parameters

Instead of following this guide, you can also use this app to generate a prepopulated form URL


Let's say you have a link or a page that should automatically fill in values to your JotForm and you want your form to be prepopulated after being clicked via URL.

Here's for an example:

Form without prepopulated fields: 

Form with prepopulated fields:[prefix]=Dr.&fullName[first]=John&fullName[middle]=Doe&fullName[last]=Smith&fullName[suffix]=M.D.&selections30=Pillow&media=Internet&address=Katipunan,ZN%207109,%20Philippines&pleaseChoose=Metal,Gold,Wood 

To do so, you need to identify the NAME selector of the field you wish to be prepopulated. Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Publish tab and open your form in a new tab:

2. On the new tab, right-click the page and click View Page Source:

Or you can use the browser's Inspect Element feature so you can easily identify field names. Right-click on the field's input box/selector, click Inspect:

Here are examples on how you should get the name selector:

For the Full Name field:

The field names can be found under the name attribute, e.g. name="q5_fullName[first]".

In order to use it on the URL parameter, you only have to copy the name after the underscore symbol "_". 

Now, we're able to get the names of each field, so it is time to include them in the URL. Please remember to put a question mark "?" after the form URL to declare that we are submitting parameters, then comes the name followed by an equal sign "=", then the value.


If you wish to add more parameters, these are to be separated by "&" sign. 


For Checkboxes:

Identify each checkbox value first.  On our sample form, we have 5 checkboxes.  All of these checkboxes have the same name, pleasechoose[]

Here's an example checkbox field for the option "Wood", noticed the name attribute:

To prepopulate that checkbox via URL parameter:

1. First, find the value of its name attribute in the HTML source code.

2. Copy the name after the underscore symbol "_" e.g pleaseChoose[] but remove the "[]" on it.

3. Copy the value e.g. Wood

To be able to select more than one, you need to separate each value with a comma.  

Example:,Gold,Metal,Soft drinks,Cheese cake 

That's it! If you have questions about this guide, feel free to leave your comments below or reach us through our support system.

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  • lrosenberg

    I cannot believe how many people need/want this function: to be able to import data from one field into another. Why isn't JF making this happen??

  • elza

    my pre-populated tab keeps on asking me to sign in

  • Blair

    What about selecting an item from a dropdown field via URL parameter? It isn't working where the item in the dropdown list has a space, e.g. Fried Rice. fried%20rice in the URL = page not found error.

  • DigitalSignIn

    Hello, Im read the pre-populating fields and had a question- Is it possible to take information from 3 different form to one at different times not at the same time?

    The reason why - I would like people to fill out the 3 different forms but all 3 forms can lead back book to my appointment form but on the appointment form I need to know which of the 3 forms they filled out when they book their appointment.

    Is this possible?

  • gsebok

    Thank you. I've never used the codes. I'll give it my best shot.

  • nct.abra05

    is prepopulating a certain field in mobile jotform app possible?

  • VilliPoniFarm

    Hello, I am having difficulty using the appointment calendar. Where do I put a link on the Submit button? Also, it isn't letting me test select different days of availability.

  • madzoon.shant

    What about my products section.. quantities...

  • ssimos2020

    This is a terrible explanation! and does not help to guide at all. Also does not work.

  • jimhanely

    how do we add link to a website on our form?

  • WSIguy

    This is a great tutorial, but wouldn't, like, 99.9% of all forms be embedded on a website?
    Could you please provide instructions on what to append to the actual webs page URL in order to get a drop-down selection to be pre-selected?

    My unique name is ServTerm
    and one example of a selection I want to pre-populate is "1 week"

    I appended to the URL:

    But that does NOT work.
    It does work with the raw JotForm URL, but NOT on the embedded page.

    Kindly help, please.


  • gjillians2

    Is it possible to pre-populate a Text only (information) element, the non question element that can be added to a form. When I check it's properties on the form it does not have a name like the Short Text Entry element so I cannot reference it in the URL.

  • HuttonSafetyGroup

    Hey there - now that the mobile forms app is in play, how can we prepopulate an address field in a form? We can't use the URL route as these forms are assigned individually to users through their app so they aren't accessing it via a URL anymore. I know with some fields you can set default values, etc. But for addresses you cannot. Can you guys make this possible?

  • willitennis

    How can we change the name of a label option

  • greezball1116

    Works OK but I'd like my form, (parking reservation), once filled out by a customer, to generate two populated forms; one sent to the customer as an electronic reserved parking pass with a QR code containing their information and another sent to me as an electronic populated form. Upon entering my parking lot, the customer presents his electronic pass from his device for me to scan. The encrypted QR code information is cross referenced with the populated form I have on file to validate their parking reservation and confirm their attendance.

  • aclctutoring


    First Time when I used with parameters it's working fine but when I re-try with different parameters it's showing old parameter selected, present data is not be select. I think based on cookies it is auto filled past values.

    How can I send new values and showing to me sending values selected.

  • judgemd

    Can I make the pre-populated fields non-editable by the recipient who is going to fill out the form?

  • freelancenexus

    is this same for an i frame embed

  • bpugh22

    I think I understand except for an important thing.

    I have a spreadsheet with all the date I will use to prepopulate the form. I have the URL with the prepopulated name fields.

    Now I want to be able to send an email to each person listed in the spreadsheet that will have the link to the form prepopulated with their data from the spreadsheet.

    How do I this next step? Here is the link to the sheet:

    Thank you very much!

  • Juan Carlos Zegarra Ayllon

    Amazing article! Is there a way to add a parameter in the URL so it also executes the submit or send button function?

  • popoz28

    how can i add my own domaine name

  • HSEGlobal

    Hi there,

    I am using the voice recorder widget and on my iPhone it is saying that the browser does not support webRTC? Any advice?


  • adewaleahmed2012

    Hello, Please how can i loop on jotform?


    I try to use the new link of my form "" to create but it is not working,
    It only works if I use the original link"

    Is that normal?

  • Susan1

    This does not solve a huge issue that many, many people write about. How can you create a url to prefill email (and name perhaps, etc.) as is discussed, for instance, here - - it seems you should be able to do so and yet no one knows nor understands this issue at JF. Why would you set this up so one can manually fill the fields to send individuals a link but wouldn't create what tons of your customers need - to be able to put a link in an email sent whenever anyone opts in for the sequence in Infusionsoft so that the fields prepopulate in the JF? We don't want out customers to have to fill in their info again and again... THis is how one click reg works for Webinarjam, how wistia/plusthis integration works, etc. etc. It is basic and should be a priority - the obv next step- needed in this article...

  • Susan1

    It is bizarre that you have this set up to manually send someone a link that prepopulates their name but you can't use fields to prepopulate so that you can put a link in an email in say Infusionsoft that sends them to a form where it either prepops their name and email or they don't have to put it in again because the integration works such that jot knows what record the form is connected to...

  • Iti Shrunkhla

    Hi, Can i get any testcase related to the same?

  • franceguide

    I'm trying to create the prepopulated link for this form:
    Is this the correct way to write the link:[first]&name[last]&email[email]
    Thank you!

  • melxwteh


    is it possible to prepopulate fields to your jotform from a base in airtable? If so, how?

    would prefer not to use your spreadsheet to form widget as have to manually upload the spreadsheet with info on it each time its updated, so was wondering if there is a way could use URL parameters from airtable?


  • mmartinexpd8

    Just testing this feature but having some issues.
    Tried this[first]=John
    AND This[first]=John

    But nothing happens - In edge is removes the parameters from the URL altogether.
    What am I missing?
    I actually want to populate this one
    Also can we make that field read only so only the parameter can populate it?
    I also want to prevent submitting the form unless that field has a value so we don't get random rubbish.



    This information is very close to a feature that we have been seeking. We need to be able to create the url and assign unique values for just one field like ID. And then be able to provide unique urls to different subscribers who will use their assigned url to share the form with others. In such cases, the data as it is collected must contain the unique ID that refers to which of our members produced the results of the form. Does your example accomplish this? Thanks.

  • evan.lodge

    will this work if the form is embedded on another site?

  • mohammednadeem

    can i use this prepopulate feature for appointment slot widget, want to get a link with already selected to a slot.?

  • PSPfinance

    This is great for how to display the desired data. Please direct me to help on how to locate the desired data.

    For example Manager 1 has Person A, Person B, and Person C sending data:
    **How can the form look for Person A fields (project name, time for project, cost of project) by looking up Person A on the report from another form?

    Thank you

  • Olutech808

    Hi, I am trying to pre-populate a name field between two forms, but I have an issue where the First Name, Initial, and Last Name from the first form are being pre-populated altogether into the First Name field of the second form.

    Example of what I input into the "Full Name" field in the first form:
    First Name: John
    Middle Initial: E
    Last Name: Appleseed

    The pre-populated result I get in the second form:
    First Name: John E Appleseed
    Middle Initial:
    Last Name:

    At the end of my link I appended:

    How should I write the link to get it to pre-populate the name field correctly?

    I also tried:

    ...but it resulted in a duplication of the name in all the fields:
    First Name: John E Appleseed
    Middle Initial: John E Appleseed
    Last Name: John E Appleseed

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • chad001

    Hello, how do I add facebook messenger link from the word Messenger? If someone had clicked the link will automatically directing to messenger.


    Besar harapan kami pengajuan ini bisa diterima

  • shaolee

    Hi could you take a look to see if I am doing this correctly. I got it working a while ago, but for some reason, its not working anymore. Square - Waukesha, WI

    Thank You

  • rushhourlocal

    Hi, I am trying to connect two forms. Form 1 is for my CLIENT, Form 2 is for my client's CUSTOMERS.
    Basically my client fills out Form 1... and then the autoresponder email would send to the CUSTOMER, with a custom link to FORM 2 -> and pass the data from Form 1.
    I have a very simple setup, yet the data is not passing, so I am definitely doing something wrong.

    Here are example fields from Form 1 (CLIENT fills them out, so they are PREFILLED for Customer):

    I am trying to prepopulate a text box with that information in Form 2:

    My pre-populated link looks like this: (form URL) then:

    Is the issue that I have I am submitting to a text box? there is not actually an "input" on the text box for these fields...

    Thank you!!

  • uniqueaid

    All examples for multiple choice (checkbox) and dropdown work with predefined values. If control does not have values defined, I was not able to set them with my values via URL.
    For checkbox or dropdown controls is it possible to define values via URL?

  • AZDBAdesze

    Can I embed an HTML report from jotform and pull the data from one specific column into a dropbox field that is on my new form which the user is able to choose from that particulater list?

  • infomhyh

    Hi. How does this method sit with GDPR? It looks like we would be sending a clear string of data to URL? What if those strings were - name, phone and email?

  • msaforms2

    Would this work with pre populating fields from Volusion? It would be really awesome of some information was able to pull from my store.

  • MOCconsultancy

    hi when an applicant applies on the application provided by me and uploads his resume and click submit, an error occurs, below is what he gets:

    Upload Error
    File could not be uploaded for some reason.

    Please go back and fix the problem(s)

    can someone help plz

    khayseah September 05, 2018 at 01:54 AM
    How to connect jotform with active directory

  • MOCconsultancy

    hi when an applicant applies on the application provided by me and uploads his resume and click submit, an error occurs, below is what he gets:

    Upload Error
    File could not be uploaded for some reason.

    Please go back and fix the problem(s)

    can someone help plz

  • Jacob

    Can forms embedded thru JS or iFrame also be prepopulated? if so, how can I do that?

  • calvaryftl

    Need help with a similar issue. Here is the form link:

    The first time I set the parameters as follow:

    It works fine.

    The second time

    This time it does not work (i.e. the form comes up with pre-populated fields, but not with the desired content). In fact, the form comes up with Mickey Mouse, Disney Specialist (how it was set the first time).

  • Dynamics seems to not work ...

  • cryptoautobots

    So how do you do this with a jotform embedded on your own website?

  • lewm

    I have a form for workers to report certain information for a given shift,the shift is selected via a drop-down menu containing elements like:

    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    when a worker submits an hourly shift report, I have them re-directed back to the form with some areas that would probably remain unchanged being pre-filled from the previous form like:


    this is all working fine but I was curious if I could pre-populate the shift (hour) field by incrementing the previously filled value.
    for example, when they submit the form with "5:00 pm - 6:00 pm" selected from the drop-down, I would like for the hours section on the next form to be filled with the next item in the drop-down menu ie "6:00 pm - 7:00 pm"