Adding a Form to Adobe Muse

November 26, 2021

Adobe Muse lets designers create HTML websites for desktop and mobile devices, without writing code. Hey, that’s our line 🙂 By using Jotform & Adobe Muse you’ll be able to create the perfect website. Follow the steps below to learn adding forms to Adobe Muse.

Step 1: Get Your Form Code

1. Choose a form and click edit

2. Click on “Publish” and open the “Embed” tab. 

3. Select the type of form publishing that you wish to have in your Adobe Muse page

Below is a screenshot to help you further:

Copy the code provided.

If you are not sure about which code to use, we recommend getting the IFRAME form code.

Step 2: Insert the form in Adobe Muse

  1. Open your Adobe Muse application

2. On the “Plan Mode” view of your application. You’ll see a blank page. (you can create more pages by clicking the + button when hovering over the page).

3. Select the page you wish to insert your form by double clicking. This will open your page on the “Design Mode” view:

4. On the page, right click and paste your code. A box will appear with the HTML text in it. This won’t show your form yet.  

The longer process of inserting forms:

4.1. On your menu bar (on the top-left), click “Object”

4.2. Select “Insert HTML”

4.3. A pop-up will appear with the sample code.

This is “arbitrary HTML”.  Paste your code there

4.4. Click OK

This is also the part when you will need to adjust the width of the box for your form to fit.  Otherwise, it will get cut off. (Note: height automatically adjusts):

5. Once done, publish your Adobe Muse web page in 2 ways:

a.) Publish your form on your business catalyst website by clicking “Publish” on top, login to your account and follow the next steps

b.) Export as HTML

b1) Click File on your Adobe Muse Application > Export as HTML


Clicking view site will open the HTML page, if you have placed your form on a different page such as the example here that was named Form, it will create form html. Open it to view your form.

 How did it work out for you? Tell us if you had any difficulties adding your forms to Adobe Muse.

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