How to Enable or Disable Require Login in Approvals

May 11, 2023

By disabling “require login” in Jotform Approvals, your approvers or assignees don’t need to sign in to Jotform to access and complete their tasks. This option is enabled by default in the Approval and Approve & Sign elements which you can disable under their respective settings.

As for logged-in assignees, they can check their previously completed approvals and also complete their pending tasks in Jotform.

To switch your approval’s login requirement

  1. Select your approval’s gear icon to open properties.
  2. In the properties pane on the right, toggle Require Login for Approver/Signer.
The Require Login for Approver option in Approval
The Require Login for Approver option in Approve & Sign
Approve & Sign

To learn more, see How to Set Up an Approval Element.

For approvals with required login, when an approver follows the link to the request sent to their email, they need to log in to their account to process the request. They’d be able to see the submissions assigned to them once logged in.

The approver's assigned requests in Inbox

If login is not required, your approvers can choose their response right after following the link in their email.

The Approval's response form for disabled Require Login for Approver
The Approval's response form for disabled Require Login for Signer
Approve & Sign
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