Transforming Payments with Plaid

Plaid’s payment functionality revolutionizes the way businesses and developers handle payments. Secure and efficient solutions streamline ACH transactions and improve customer satisfaction. Take your payment experience up a notch with Jotform’s Plaid integration.

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Powering Seamless ACH Payments

Plaid’s Payment Initiation technology simplifies ACH payments. By securely initiating transactions from customers’ bank accounts, Plaid helps reduce costs and enhance the user experience for businesses and developers.

Create Your Form

Create Your Form

Build a custom payment form with Jotform’s easy drag-and-drop online builder. No coding required.

Add the Plaid integration

Add the Plaid integration

Accept ACH payments through your forms with Stripe or Square. Leverage the security and reliability of Plaid for bank account verification, and ensure safe and secure ACH bank transfers.

Collect Payments

Collect Payments

That’s it! Start collecting money right away. Customers’ bank accounts will be connected to Square or Stripe through the secure Plaid integration.

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Boost Sales

Streamline your operations with a single integration that unlocks the potential of Open Banking. A premier payments platform, Plaid offers cost-saving benefits and enables you to efficiently onboard and convert a large customer base.


Plaid is revolutionizing the way we share financial data. A cutting-edge financial tool, Plaid offers unparalleled convenience and security, making it the go-to choice for businesses and consumers. With Plaid, users can securely link their bank accounts to various platforms, allowing for seamless and instant transactions without the need for credit cards or traditional payment gateways.

One of the key advantages of Plaid is its ability to streamline the payment process through Plaid Link. Plaid provides access to Open Banking, simplifying the setup and management of payment methods for businesses. It also offers Identity Verification, a tool that reduces risk and enhances security by thoroughly verifying users. Additionally, Plaid seamlessly integrates with Square ACH and Stripe ACH, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes and a wide range of industries.

Plaid is committed to security and giving users meaningful control over their data. The company adheres to strict standards like GDPR and is PCI certified. This ensures that user data is protected at all times, giving businesses and consumers peace of mind when using Plaid for their payment needs. Keep your payments secure. Create a Jotform and Plaid payment form for free today!

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