Plaid FAQs

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  • What is Plaid?

    Plaid is a financial services company that powers fintech and digital finance products. Plaid enables its users to connect their bank accounts to other applications.

  • Is Plaid’s payment processor safe?

    Yes, Plaid’s payment processor is safe to use and will keep payment data and personal information secure. Both Jotform and Plaid are committed to keeping customer data safe. Jotform offers GDPR and CCPA compliance, along with optional safety features like password protected forms, encryption, CAPTCHA, and more. Plaid follows security standards like ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, and is SSAE18 SOC 2 compliant. Plaid also offers multifactor authentication, secure cloud infrastructure, and extra encryption protocols.

  • Is Plaid a payment gateway?

    Yes, Plaid is a payment gateway. You can use it to take payments by integrating it with your Jotform payment forms.

  • How does Plaid work?

    Plaid connects customers’ financial accounts with other apps in just a few clicks, allowing them to share their financial data, link their accounts, and make payments seamlessly.

  • Does Plaid help streamline ACH transactions?

    Yes. Plaid offers Plaid Transfer, a single integration that authenticates users, processes ACH transactions, and completes transfers. Plus, Plaid’s machine learning risk engine, Plaid Signal, streamlines the ACH experience for low-risk transactions.

  • Does Plaid support international payments and currencies?

    Yes, Plaid supports both domestic and international payments.

  • Can Plaid be used for recurring payments and subscription models?

    Yes, Plaid can be used for recurring payments and subscription models through its Variable Recurring Payments (VRP) feature, which allows users to authenticate a payment once and schedule future payments without having to re-authenticate them.

  • Are there any fees associated with using Plaid’s payment solutions?

    Plaid doesn’t charge its customers for using its services. Plaid is also free to use in development and sandbox (i.e., test) environments. A paid Plaid plan is required only for production (i.e., live) access.