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Annabel: Hi guys. Annabel here from Jotform in today. I’m going to be presenting to automate your workflow with Jotform PDF Editor. So in today’s webinar, we’re gonna be talking about our brand new product Jotform PDF editor and going over some main benefits, key features, use cases, a demo, Q&A and more. Behind the scenes, we have David from our support team who will be answering any of your questions via chat and at the end of the webinar, he’ll also be joining me for the Q&A session. We hope you enjoy. Thank you.

Okay great. So let’s get started with the presentation.

The History of Jotform


So, I want to give a brief background about the company. Jotform is the easiest online form builder and our company was founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank. We have over 6 million registered users worldwide. And we’re available in 18 different languages. Our product offering is a lot different than our competitors because we offered two form formats. The first is classic and that resembles a traditional form which shows all questions together on one page whereas cards is a format that we launched back in February and that just shows one question per screen so that respondents can really focus on what’s being asked. Jotform also offers a variety of different integrations like Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello.


You name it because we know how important it is to be able to connect to your favorite apps. We also have nearly 30 payment processors such as Square, PayPal, Authorized.net, Stripe. Jotform is also HIPAA and GDPR compliant. That checks the boxes of safety in government regulations. We also have a 24 hour support so we’re available to answer your questions at any time you need help. So Jotform PDF Editor is a brand new product in our suite of Jotform products. The backstory behind this was we noticed that a lot of our users were collecting information from their forms and wanting to easily and automatically convert them into PDF documents.

The Features of Jotform PDF Editor


So, essentially Jotform PDF editor does just that. It automatically turns collected form response data into professional, polish-looking design documents that are super easy to share with your colleagues, customers and partners. So some of the key features that Jotform PDF editor offers are listed on the slide but I’m just going to talk about a couple of the main ones. So, the first is automation. Automation is huge with Jotform PDF editor once a PDF document design has been created. The form submission data will automatically use the same design every time, which really streamlines workflow for teams.


We also offer a drag and drop interface. This essentially means that working with your PDF editor requires zero technical skill. Elements can be added and moved around using Jotform’s drag and drop interface to create a professional looking design. This editor also offers over 100 different templates to choose from and a lot of these templates are actually created by our design team. They are really nice, put together designs. So if you’re in a pinch and you just want something that looks good and can be modified quickly, you can use one of those templates and be off to the races with your PDF documents.


Next, we’re going to go into popular use cases. So our PDF Editor is really versatile and it’s used by a lot of different industries and organizations. So here we have contracts and agreements. We have invoices, event registrations, job applications, inspection reports, work order and maintenance requests and recruitment requests and sales proposals. These are just to name a few. But really the editor is so versatile that you can use it for any type of PDF you need to create.

The Benefits of Jotform PDF Editor


The crux of Jotform PDF editor really boils down to four key benefits and that’s automation, design, communication and durability. We actually wanted to go through these four key benefits and highlight a couple of customers that have really benefited from Jotform PDF Editor. So the first example for automation is Rebel Paint&Supply Inc.

This company makes paints for industrial equipment in automobiles and having quality control data is a particularly important when issues arise or information is shared with corporate customers who own the paint equipment. They use Jotform PDF Editor to automate form responses and the PDF and create a design professional looking document.


This really makes it easy to read and the data is always in the same location. Plus is that it’s always done automatically. The next key benefit is design. Rebel Paint uses the Jotform PDF Editor to really customize their PDFs with their logo and with their contact information. As you can see in the top header, there they’ve done that. One of the many benefits of Jotform PDF Editor is the ability to customize your layout and have these various elements match your corporate fonts, colors, and sizes. If you want to learn more about Rebel Paint&Supply, please visit our blog and you’ll be able to read their full case study there.


The third key benefit is communication. In here, we wanted to highlight another user called Wharton Event Management Inc. Wharton Event Management is a company that organizes memorable dance events and they use Jotform PDF Editor to share and communicate waiver forms with dance participants and collect signatures from them. They really love the flexibility and durability because they can collect their e-signatures and they can share their waiver forms with dance participants.


Lastly, we have durability which is the fourth key benefit and Wharton Event Management uses durability to archive their information and to have a record of it. They can see who’s filled out the waivers and who hasn’t. Since it’s a standard PDF file, the company can easily store it in the cloud on a hard drive or on a thumbnail drive too. And this is especially important for a dance company because there’s all kinds of liability with the dancers and from a marketing standpoint too, if they want to get any pictures or videos to post online.

It’s vital that they have consent from all of the dancers and individuals involved. Being able to access waivers and see who signed the documents and who hasn’t is really important just to cover all of their bases.


Here’s just a gif I wanted to show before we jump into the demo. This just gives an overview of how easy it is to build a PDF form. This is showing off the dragging and dropping of different elements to the document and as you can see, you don’t need to have any sort of coding knowledge or any technical experience. You just need to have a device that allows you to drag and drop. So it’s just it’s extremely easy for anyone to use. Next, we have the style elements and here this is on the right hand side of the interface.

You can change the font size. You can bold, italicized, underlined. You can change the font color. You can change the text alignment. You can change the font families, logo, add images. You name it. It’s really up to you to get as fancy or keep it as simple as you want. And lastly, we have the ability to share your PDFs with no hassle. If you see in the upper right hand corner, there are buttons for printing, sharing and downloading. As the gif shows, you can share these PDF via email to your colleagues to your clients or to your partners.


You can download them for your desktop or for maybe if you have your own upload documents onto an internal server or you can print them if you’d like to go that route. Lastly, we have a slide that shows how the PDF can look. As you can see here, there are three totally different use cases for these PDFs. We have achievement behavior care. We have a musical ticket and we have patient medical history form. So all of these use cases are completely different. They all look completely different but the commonality is that they were all created in Jotform PDF Editor. As you can see that, these look like they were designed in Photoshop but they weren’t. They were designed in a Jotform PDF Editor that was easy for anyone to use.

Jotform PDF Editor Demo


OK guys and I’m going to jump into a quick demo and we’re going to use a real estate agency as the example. They’re gonna be called Happy Homes. And in this demo, we’re gonna go through two of our most popular use cases which is how to create a contract and invoice with Jotform PDF Editor. So, firstly let’s go into the contract.

I’m going to start over in the Jotform dashboard. And I’ve already just briefly put these forms together so that it’d be easier to show you. So here I’m going to click on my form. I’m going to come over to the “edit form” here on the side. I’m going to click the arrow “edit as PDF” form and then it will take me to the PDF Editor. So here I have a contract in place. I already have a header. I have my name. I have a signature. I have another name fields here, a signature, date and then an area for questions and terms and conditions.


I’m just going to edit this form a little bit so that it looks more like a contract. So we have the real estate agent name and then we’ll just specify the signature so that people know it’s for the real estate agent as well.

And then this will be for the client name. the client’s signature.

Okay perfect. And then let’s see what might we need for this. I think we could just really jump over into the customization section. I think that the header could use some help. So here I’m gonna click on the header and then the gear icon. As you can see, we have Happy Homes as the heading text. Subheading text is going to be purchase contract. And then I think I want that to be the middle and then a heading image. I want to include my real estate agency’s logo and upload the file which is our logo of a house.


And then from here, I’m I actually want to move this back all over this way. We’ll move this back to the left and then I can make this all much smaller. There we go. And then actually, I’m going to move this over a little bit to the middle.

As you can see, I just easily uploaded an image and then moved my text around so that it all fit nicely and look nicely for my contract. Also I want to change the background color. I’m not a huge fan of this green. I’m going to come down to background color and then I would like green but maybe just not that green. Just make this a little bit green gray. Perfect. That’s more resemblance of a contract. And then let’s see here.


I have my margins around the outside so I know how it will look when it prints. But in case I wanted to take those off, I could just uncheck the box and I can see how it looks without the margins.

I also have a couple pages here so I have the page number on the lower right hand corner. I can also uncheck that box and those will go away. So as you can see, there’s a lot of different sort of hidden features in the layout settings bar which is really helpful for making that document really personalized. I’m pretty happy with this. I’m going to come over here and I’m going to publish it. So now as you can see, you have options here. You have two download options. You also can do a quick share which where you can copy this link and send it through an email or you can open a new tab.


You also have other share options that you can click on with this purple button. We also have platforms here which are other third party publish options that you can go through and choose from. So there’s Facebook there’s different other sites on here. So it makes it really easy to share your PDF. OK guys, I’m going to come back into the Jotform dashboard. And again I’m going to click on my form. I’m going to again click the dropdown arrow edit as PDF form” and then boom we have an invoice.

So this invoice is pretty much all put together.

We’ll just need to make a couple of small updates. We will change this to invoice number.


We have a name. We have email. We have due date signature. We have submit and then I’m also going to add in a small section at the bottom which will be for any notes or comments. Perfect. So then we’ll come up here to the top. I want to just change this header a little bit. Click on the gear icon and then I’d like it to say Happy Homes as the heading text and then for the subheading text, I’d like to say professional invoice. Again I want to add in my home icons. I’m going to upload that to the dock. I can just easily come through and resize this down to my liking.

I like it smaller and then I’ll come back here. You will center everything and then move this to the middle. Perfect. As you can see, my invoice is looking good. Again I want to change the background color. I want it to match the green that I did in the previous example so we’ll come back and there we go. Now both my invoice and my contract are branded with the colors and the logo. I’m gonna change the text color now to black.


So it looks more professional. I’m going to publish this and then I’m going to download. Here we go. Open that up and then there we have it.

Creating a PDF out of your forms is super easy and it’s extremely customizable. No matter what industry you’re in or what type of organization you work at, you can easily create and edit PDFs with Jotform PDF Editor. Thanks for watching the demo and we hope you found it very useful. We’re now going to open the floor to questions. Thanks.

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