HelloSign pricing plans guide

HelloSign pricing plans guide

HelloSign was an e-signature solution that Dropbox considered so good, the company purchased it for almost a quarter billion dollars in 2019. The HelloSign acquisition was part of Dropbox’s ongoing efforts to focus on enterprise-level businesses. HelloSign have also changed its name to Dropbox Sign as of October 2022.

Adding paperless solutions like Dropbox Sign makes sense for a digital document storage company like Dropbox. It helps round out the organization’s offering, and it lets the company provide a critical service that businesses need.

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Dropbox Sign pricing

The free plan

Dropbox Sign’s free plan is enough to give you a taste of its benefits. And if you’re a solo freelancer who only gets a few new clients per month, it might be all you need — after all, you only get three signatures per month for one user with this plan.

The free tier does provide an audit trail to track the document’s status and timestamp history. It also provides reminders and notifications about who has or hasn’t signed a document.

If you’re a small-time freelancer, you probably use only one type of contract, which means having a template to reuse would come in handy.

The Essentials plan

This plan and all other paid plans give you unlimited signature requests, which is nice.

This tier is good for small businesses where one person takes care of all of the document signing work. It’s also perfect for high-output freelancers. You get five templates to reuse with this plan.

Other features include the ability to validate form fields. That’s useful if you want to make sure that someone’s email address is actually an email address, for example. It also provides support for multiple languages, and you can create links to your templates that you can share any way you want.

The Standard plan

This plan is for a more established business. You’re no longer limited in the number of users you can have. Instead, this is where you start paying per user.

This plan gives you all the benefits of the Essentials plan, plus some features you’d expect for an established business. It lets you provide your own custom branding, it integrates with Salesforce, and it will let you send documents in bulk.

You also get tools for larger teams at this tier, like access to admin settings to control access to documents. That way, you can make sensitive documents available only to those who should be allowed to see them. You can also create more detailed, customizable reports.

The Premium plan

This plan is meant for enterprises. It’s recommended for large companies with multiple teams of five or more people that will need access to Dropbox Sign. The cost of this tier depends on your exact needs and requires a conversation with the Dropbox Sign sales department.

Premium will give you even more administrative tools. You’ll have access to more advanced custom reports and performance dashboards. There are tools to help your teams collaborate and share documents. You can even request more collaboration tools as add-ons.

Security is another area where you get a lot more in the Premium plan. You’ll be able to delete multiple documents at once based on certain criteria and decide where in the world to store your data. 

You can also mask fields so people can securely enter confidential information — like bank routing and social security numbers. You can even integrate Dropbox Sign with your company’s existing SSO solution.

Other Dropbox Sign services

HelloSign had started as HelloFax, a digital fax service. From the beginning, the company had focused on supporting paper-free offices.

HelloFax is still available as Dropbox Fax. It has its own pricing tiers and feature sets as well. If paperless faxing is something you need, it can definitely sweeten the deal, even if it costs extra.

The other two services Dropbox Sign provides also have their own pay structures and feature sets. One is Dropbox Forms (formerly HelloWorks). The other is the eSignature API from Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign).

Dropbox Forms is a service that lets you embed signature collection functionality in mobile web apps. It aims to be a more web- and mobile-friendly replacement for PDF forms.

The eSignature API from Dropbox Sign allows developers to embed signature collection into their code in a way that integrates tightly with Dropbox Sign. While many other APIs are a free bonus at higher pay tiers, this is, as mentioned, a paid service. But Dropbox Sign does let you create and test all your API calls for free.

The best plan if you just need a signature

Dropbox Sign has features for a tool that’s meant to collect signatures. Many of those features are important. But you can find them with several other tools as well.

In fact, if all you want to do is collect electronic signatures, there are more versatile tools out there. Jotform is one such tool. We provide legally binding signature widgets for all forms in every pricing tier.

Our forms work much like Dropbox Sign templates. And our free tier lets you store up to five forms and collect 10 signatures. That’s a bit better than the zero templates and three signatures you get for free with Dropbox Sign.

E-signatures meet automation


Lee Nathan is a personal development and productivity technology writer. He can be found at leenathan.com.

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