Proposify vs PandaDoc: Which is best for your sales team?

Whether your sales team is new or old, small or large, you can always benefit from a little administrative assistance. By allowing you to create, sign, and share e-documents from one centralized platform, tools like Proposify and PandaDoc help sales teams streamline processes, automate workflows, reduce risk, shorten sales cycles, and improve productivity. They’re both easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions, and they offer a wide variety of features and integrations to simplify your daily operations.

That said, they do have some differences. So let’s compare Proposify vs PandaDoc to find the best one for your business.

Proposify vs PandaDoc: Features

For a more streamlined sales process, Proposify helps its users in three key areas: content and brand management, analytics, and customer experience. You can create stunning proposals using Proposify’s design editor, template library, images, videos, and e-signature capabilities. Proposify’s popular interactive fee table feature can also shorten the sales cycle by allowing customers to pick their own customized price.

Best of all, you can track, manage, and analyze how each proposal is faring with prospective clients — including when someone viewed and signed or rejected it — to improve your decision-making process and cut costs over time.

From creating proposals and tracking quotes to capturing e-signatures and collecting payments, PandaDoc has all the functionality you need to simplify your sales process. With PandaDoc, you can build powerful e-documents from the ground up — or take advantage of an arsenal of premade templates for proposals, forms, and contracts. You can improve collaboration, reduce logjams, and complete tasks faster with approval workflows and e-signature capabilities.

Like with Proposify, you can also track, store, and manage your e-documents while gathering and analyzing key insights to make improvements. Unlike with Proposify, however, you can do all this from the palm of your hand with a mobile app.

Proposify vs PandaDoc: Integrations

In addition to dynamic features, both Proposify and PandaDoc offer integrations with popular third-party apps (like customer relationship management (CRM) tools, cloud storage providers, and email marketing tools) to help users share data and information across their organizations.

Proposify integrates with nearly 300 tools, such as the project management tool Airtable, accounting software FreshBooks, cloud storage service Dropbox, customer communications platform Intercom, and revenue intelligence platform Gong. Using all of these allows sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently.

PandaDoc, too, connects with well-known third-party apps for a more collaborative, simplified sales experience, including messaging app Slack, project management tool, video conferencing platform Zoom, and online payment system PayPal.

Proposify vs PandaDoc: Pricing

Proposify offers two plans: the Team Plan at $49/user/month and the Business Plan which requires you to contact them for pricing. For the most part, the main difference between them is who they’re designed for.

The Team Plan is best suited for small organizations and growing teams and includes customizable form fields, unlimited documents, and standard integrations. The Business Plan, on the other hand, is perfect for teams of 10 or more and includes all of the Team Plan’s features, as well as the ability to build approval workflows and set roles and permissions.

PandaDoc offers four plan options, including a free one: Free eSign, Essentials ($19/user/month), Business ($49/user/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). After the free plan, the Essentials, Business, and Enterprise plans progressively add more features.

For example, like its Free eSign plan, PandaDoc’s Essentials plan gives you the ability to upload and share unlimited e-signature documents and collect payments with them. But it also adds the ability to customize documents and take advantage of 24-7 email and chat support.

Proposify vs PandaDoc alternative: Jotform Sign

While Proposify and PandaDoc are both impressive e-signature tools, you should consider another, more flexible option: Jotform Sign.

With Jotform Sign, you can

  • Build, sign, and share legally binding e-documents
  • Customize your online forms, surveys, proposals, and contracts to match your brand aesthetic, change colors and fonts, add your company logo, and include interactive widgets
  • Share your e-documents via link or embed them within your website
  • Safely store your e-sign documents using Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Create automated approval workflows
  • Store and manage your collected data and documents with Jotform Tables

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Jotform Sign is fully customizable, easy to use, completely code-free, and available on any mobile device. It offers a free plan (which gives you access to 600-plus e-signature templates) and four paid plans — Bronze ($34/month), Silver ($39/month), Gold ($99/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing).

As you can see, while Proposify, PandaDoc, and Jotform Sign are all a bit different — especially in terms of features, integrations, and pricing — you can’t go wrong with any of them as your e-signature tool of choice.


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