Top 10 signNow alternatives in 2024

As technology continues to evolve, using a pen to “put your John Hancock” on a piece of paper is becoming a thing of the past — especially since COVID-19 altered where, when, and how we do business. Now, more often than not, you’re signing mortgage, financial, employment, legal, and healthcare documents from the comfort of your home, thanks to the invention of electronic signature tools.

E-signatures — coded, digital fingerprints that use complex algorithms to let you sign documents electronically — are legally binding, easy to use, and convenient, making them a popular feature of various software applications on the market.

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In fact, with e-signature software like signNow, you can sign and send documents electronically, add fillable fields to PDFs, and accept payments — helping you improve team collaboration and productivity, close deals faster, and streamline business processes.

And while major companies like Walmart, Apple, and FedEx use signNow, it’s not the only e-signature software on the market.

Here are 10 signNow alternatives to consider.

1. Jotform Sign

Starting off our list is Jotform Sign. Jotform Sign allows you to create legally binding documents that are ready to sign in minutes. The Jotform Sign Builder features a drag-and-drop editor so you can easily add signature fields to existing documents. You can automate signature workflows, set signing orders, and schedule follow-up emails.

More than just an e-signature solution, though, Jotform also lets you create powerful online forms, process payments, generate reports, and automate workflows, all from its easy-to-use, intuitive interface. And with thousands of customizable templates for forms, tables, and PDFs to choose from, you can build exactly what you need for your business.

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2. eversign

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With eversign, automating both your internal and external documents is simple, easy, and secure, whether you’re a freelancer, small or mid-sized business, or large enterprise. It’s also affordable, practical, and flexible, and it integrates with popular apps — helping you improve your workflow, set up and share templates, and edit, sign, and send documents fast.

As a web-based app, it works on any device (including computers, tablets, and mobile phones), so you can take control of your documents no matter where you are.

3. Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign)

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Next on the list of signNow alternatives is Dropbox Sign, the solution that helps you embed e-signature fields into your website or app, automate and collect paperwork, and safely sign documents and request signatures. From sales contracts and employee onboarding to insurance documents and financial agreements, Dropbox Sign enables users to send and sign agreements up to 80 percent faster than when using paper documents, according to its website. And since reviewers have given it higher ratings for ease of use than signNow, Dropbox Sign is worth considering.

4. DocuSign

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Not only does DocuSign let you sign and send your documents electronically, but it also offers solutions to help you automate workflows, process payments, manage contracts, and streamline agreement generation and approvals — which can lower costs, save time, and improve customer satisfaction for your company. DocuSign is simple, secure, and smart — with features like prefilled data, Guided Forms to simplify complex forms, and digital ID verification —  and is used by more than 1 million customers around the world.

5. Adobe Acrobat Sign

Image of Adobe Acrobat Sign

Whether you need to sign documents, create and manage frequently used templates, or add your logo and tagline to emails requesting signatures, e-signature solution Adobe Acrobat Sign has you covered. Both small and large businesses trust it, and it meets enterprise-level compliance and security standards. It also offers a wide range of powerful integrations — including Salesforce, Workday, Notarize, and Guidewire InsuranceSuite.

6. OneSpan Sign

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To improve customer service, streamline processes, automate workflows, and reduce document errors, add OneSpan Sign to your list of signNow alternatives. It’s available on all devices, easy to integrate, and designed to support all your business needs, regardless of your industry. Plus, it offers features like identity verification to mitigate risk and mobile app shielding to control fraud and security threats.

7. SignRequest

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With e-signature platform SignRequest, you can improve efficiency, cut costs, and automatically manage and store all your documents in one location. It’s easy to use, fully secure, and integrates seamlessly with your website or customer relationship management (CRM) system. SignRequest supports sustainability, too, since it plants a tree for each new paid license.

8. PandaDoc

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PandaDoc promises to take the “work” out of “workflow,” letting you create, edit, sign, and manage legally binding documents in minutes. Use templates and drag-and-drop builders to automate your approval processes, customize documents to stay on brand, and produce faster sales cycles — all from one centralized platform. Plus, thanks to its built-in analytics, you can track your document views and signatures from anywhere.

9. Lightico

Image of Lightico

Looking for simplicity and speed from your e-signature platform? Then check out Lightico, which lets users sign and collect forms, verify IDs, and add supporting documents via email or text in seconds. Lightico is sophisticated, user-friendly, and built for any industry — including banking, healthcare, legal, and insurance. And since it’s a code-free tool, you can design your own automated workflow regardless of your programming experience.

10. Signeasy

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To close deals quicker, cut costs, and eliminate the monotonous cycle of printing, scanning, and sending documents, check out e-signature solution Signeasy. It’s fast, user-friendly, and convenient, helping users complete and sign paperwork anytime, anywhere. And since Signeasy integrates seamlessly with so many popular business tools — including Google Drive, Freshworks, and Salesforce — it’s no wonder over 10 million people use it.

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