How to create Docusign forms with Jotform’s widget

How to create Docusign forms with Jotform’s widget

Need a fast, easy way to collect legally-binding signatures through Jotform? Then check out our new DocuSign widget, allowing you to add a DocuSign signature field to any form.

DocuSign is a leading Document Transaction Management service, famous for helping you simplify electronic signatures and approvals. It’s perfect for all sorts of contracts, like for nondisclosure or employment agreements.

Collect signatures through your forms with DocuSign

DocuSign widget lets you receive DocuSign signatures directly through your forms, making it easy to collect important signatures for contracts, agreements, and more. Contact the Jotform Enterprise sales team to start your journey today.

Adding Docusign to your form is painless. Check out how in our quick step-by-step guide below! 

Find it under “Widgets” on the Jotform Builder. Drag it to the bottom of your form right before the Submit Button.

Connect Docusign Widget

You also need to create a PDF document that is going to show up when a document is signed.

How to create Docusign forms with Jotform’s widget Image-1

After the PDF is created with PDF Editor, select it on the Form Builder.

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Connect your DocuSign account to the Jotform DocuSign widget:

Ask Users to sign your form
Connect Docusign to Jotform
Add Docusign to Jotform

That’s it! 

Your form is ready to go.

To sign the form, enter a name and email, then click on ”Sign with DocuSign”:

Jotform Docusign

A modal pops up where you can review the document, and complete the signature via DocuSign. Click “Finish” to apply the signature.

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That’s it! Both you and the signatory will receive a PDF copy of the signed form. 

Your submission has been received

DocuSign is available in 188 countries, with over a quarter million businesses signed up and counting. Get started combining the powers of Docusign and Jotform today! 

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Are you already a DocuSign user? Let us know how you use it in the comments below. 

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