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Finding the best way to create electronic signatures can be difficult. Since so many programs have similar features, it’s important to figure out which ones you need. For instance, two popular options — Signeasy and signNow — are extremely similar, but there are some key differences between them that could impact your final decision.

In this post, we’ll do a Signeasy vs signNow comparison so you can make an informed decision that fits your needs.

Pros and cons of Signeasy

Signeasy is an electronic signature program for individuals or small businesses. Signeasy’s flexibility is a main selling point. It offer users

  • Support for more than 25 file formats
  • Document importing from popular cloud storage providers
  • Multi-document “envelopes”
  • Public signing links

Although Signeasy’s features benefit medium to large businesses, it’s focused on providing value to individual users. This user-centered focus is apparent with Signeasy’s customer support team, which users love.

However, Signeasy falls short on a few aspects. According to users, its API isn’t as effective as some of its competitors’. While it does offer a single-user plan, the plan comes with a limited number of features.

Pros and cons of signNow

While Signeasy is especially good for individual users, signNow is built for the enterprise user. Its API allows users to integrate e-signature capabilities into existing apps and websites with premium features and security at an affordable price. Its API plans come with flexible pricing and feature options, so you can find the plan that best suits your needs.

Other top features of signNow include

  • Custom branding
  • Advanced security
  • Team collaboration 
  • Conditional workflows

signNow does have its downsides. Many users find it to be overly rigid, with a lack of flexibility in workflow and template design. Some also find that their recipients don’t always get intended documents, as emails are often sent to spam.

User reviews claim customer support is lacking as well, so you may not get the help you need if something goes wrong. Although specialized teams at large companies can handle many issues, a lack of support can certainly negatively impact small businesses and individuals.

Signeasy vs signNow: Pricing and plans

Plan pricing escalates differently for each program. While the user count goes up along with features on Signeasy plans, signNow plans mainly differ in access to features. Check out each plan below:

Signeasy pricing

  • Essential, for single users: $10 per month
  • Team, for up to five users: $20 per user per month
  • Business, for unlimited users: $30 per user per month
  • Business Plus, for unlimited users: $50 per user per month

signNow pricing

  • Business: $8 per user per month
  • Business Premium: $15 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $30 per user per month
  • Business Cloud: $50 per user per month (minimum of five users)

Where the pricing drastically differs is on each company’s API plans. Overall, signNow has the superior value. Their API is not only considered better but costs less.

Signeasy API plans are:

  • Free, which includes 40 envelopes
  • Starter, which includes 400 envelopes, then charges $1.75 per envelope: $499/year
  • Intermediate, which includes 1,200 envelopes, then charges $1.50 per envelope: $1,499/year
  • Advanced, which includes 1,800 envelopes, then charges $1 per envelope: $2,999/year

On the other hand, signNow’s API plan works on a sliding scale. It offers a free trial that gives users 250 signature invites, and it doesn’t begin billing until you’ve used all invites. Then, plans range from $84 per month for 500 invites up to $500 per month for 5,000 invites. If you need more, signNow’s enterprise volume pricing is available by request.

Jotform Sign: The alternative to Signeasy vs signNow

If neither of these options seem to be what you’re looking for, consider Jotform Sign, which lets you customize documents with a drag-and-drop builder or choose from more than 600 e-signature document templates. Once your document is complete, you can use it again and again — no extra work required.

You can share Jotform Sign documents through email or a public link, or by embedding them on your website. You can even share them through your own app, which you can build with Jotform Apps.

Jotform Sign also integrates with trusted cloud storage programs, so you can safely store and access your data when you need it. You can also manage and analyze data through Jotform Tables and Jotform Report Builder to get key insights and share findings with teammates.

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Signeasy vs signNow: The choice

Many e-signature programs offer comparable features for similar prices. That’s why it’s important to know your exact needs before beginning your search. Looking for a small business solution? Signeasy may be your choice. Looking for an enterprise-level provider? signNow could be the program for you. But with Jotform Sign, you get access to an entire suite of tools in addition to an advanced e-signature tool. Whichever you choose, be sure you’re getting features that are right for you.


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