Qwilr vs Proposify: Which is better for sales proposals?

Regardless of your industry, if you’re a salesperson, you are focused on producing revenue. Your job is to be a brand ambassador, engage high-quality leads, close deals quickly, and nurture existing customer relationships to make money for your organization.

Yet no matter how effective you are as a salesperson, it’s always helpful to have sales proposal software tools like Qwilr or Proposify in your tech stack to optimize your efforts. With these proposal solutions and their e-signature capabilities, sales teams can build personalized business proposals to stand out from their competitors, minimize bottlenecks, improve pipeline visibility, and shorten the sales cycle.

But which proposal solution is better for your sales team? Let’s compare Qwilr vs Proposify to help you find the right tool for your organization.

Qwilr vs Proposify: Features

With Qwilr, you can customize ready-made templates with your brand colors and fonts to create stunning sales materials and proposals. You can also collect payments and e-signatures to close deals faster. 

Most importantly, you can save time and simplify your operations by connecting with well-known third-party platforms. By integrating your Qwilr account with apps like customer relationship management (CRM) system HubSpot, messaging app Slack, and payment processor Stripe, you can optimize every step of your sales process.

Proposify also boasts popular features to help your sales team build proposals, quotes, and other sales documents with more visibility and collaboration and fewer mistakes — e.g., typos and incorrect pricing or terms. You can use Proposify to create powerful workflows, sync with third-party solutions, and send automatic follow-up reminders to reduce bottlenecks.

What’s more, you can take advantage of Proposify’s Android and iOS mobile apps — something Qwilr doesn’t offer — to approve deals and view where each proposal is in the sales process on the go.

Qwilr vs Proposify: Customer support

No matter how tech-savvy you are or how easy a solution is to use (or how easy it claims to be), sometimes you just need a little help — which is why a strong customer support team is so invaluable.

While both Qwilr and Proposify offer their customers a library of beneficial resources — from webinars and blogs to how-to guides and inspirational use cases — they differ in one critical area: accessibility. Though Qwilr provides a fillable form on their site to request assistance — one that’s prefaced with “We usually respond in a few hours” — Proposify’s site includes a chatbot, so users get immediate help. Some reviewers find Proposify’s customer service team to be both friendlier and quicker to respond.

Qwilr vs Proposify: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Qwilr and Proposify are evenly matched — especially since they both offer free 14-day trials.

Qwilr offers two plans: Business at $35/user/month and Enterprise at $59/user/month (for a minimum of 10 users). While you have access to features like the proposal builder, e-signature capabilities, and HubSpot integration with the Business plan, you receive much more functionality with Enterprise, including advanced customization options and an assigned account manager.

Proposify also offers two plans: the Team plan at $49/user/month and the Business plan, for teams of 10 or more at custom pricing. Best for smaller businesses, Proposify’s Team plan offers unlimited documents, customizable form fields, and standard integrations. Proposify’s Business plan, on the other hand, is better for larger, scaling teams, as it includes all of the Team plan’s features, plus premium onboarding services, an integration with Salesforce, and much more.

Qwilr vs Proposify alternative: Jotform Sign

It’s clear that both Qwilr and Proposify know a thing or two about creating and managing e-proposals, but consider one last option before you choose one for your organization.

Jotform Sign is an effective tool for creating, signing, and sharing e-documents for a wide variety of industries, professions, and departments. It’s easy to set up and navigate, mobile-responsive, and completely code-free, enabling salespeople of all programming backgrounds to build stunning sales collateral and proposals. Jotform Sign even offers a mobile app to streamline sales processes on the road.

With Jotform Sign, you can choose from 600-plus signable templates, customize them with drag-and-drop functionality to match your brand aesthetic, and share them via a link or by embedding them into your website. Jotform Sign also integrates with 100-plus third-party apps (including CRMs, cloud storage providers, and email marketing tools). Plus, it’s part of Jotform’s larger suite of products, meaning you can integrate your dynamic, signable forms into workflows, apps, data-driven reports, tables, and even e-commerce stores.

Compared to both Qwilr and Proposify, Jotform Sign has more than twice the number the plan options: a free plan (which gives you access to all 600-plus templates) and four paid plans — Bronze ($34/month), Silver ($39/month), Gold ($99/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing).

Being a salesperson is hard work, so why not make your work life easier with proposal solutions and e-signature tools like Qwilr, Proposify, or Jotform Sign? Do what’s right for your sales team — and bottom line — by investing in one of these software options for a more effective sales process. Your leads, clients, and wallet will thank you.

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