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Accept global payments through your online form with Skrill. Integrate your payment forms with Skrill to collect payments in 200+ countries & over 40 currencies.

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Create Your Form

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Add Skrill

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Collect Payments

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Jotform never charges you fees for collecting money through your forms. Plus, it’s completely free to receive money in your own currency with Skrill!


Since 2001, Skrill has been at the forefront of payment technology by enabling users to accept payments from anyone around the world. Trusted by millions worldwide, Skrill makes collecting digital payments across 200+ countries and in over 40 currencies simple, secure, and quick.

As one of the most affordable online payment options, Skrill simplifies deposits, transfers, and withdrawals for businesses worldwide. And now, in just a few easy steps, you can integrate Skrill with Jotform to receive international payments directly through powerful online forms.

To use our Skrill integration, start by creating a payment form with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Then select Skrill from our list of payment gateways, connect your account, and customize your product details. When a customer fills out your Skrill payment form, they’ll be redirected to a separate checkout page where they can complete the payment using their Skrill account.

Since Skrill’s payment method requires only an email address and password, your customers’ card and bank information will never be revealed during online transactions. Like Skrill, Jotform is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and encrypts any sensitive payment information submitted through your form.

Jotform’s Skrill integration takes the hassle out of online payments so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Connect Jotform to Skrill today — receive money from customers around the world and take your company global!

How to collect Skrill payments with Jotform

How to collect Skrill payments with Jotform

By adding our free Skrill integration to your online payment form, you can instantly receive payments for orders, donations, fees, and more — with no extra transaction fees from Jotform. Learn how to set up Jotform’s Skrill integration in a few easy steps in this short video tutorial.

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