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JotForm: The Eventbrite Alternative That Helps Keep Your Ticket Prices Low

Do you need to sell tickets online, but don’t want your attendees to be dinged by costly fees? Check out JotForm, the Eventbrite alternative that doesn’t charge any extra fees.

Eventbrite charges $0.99 per ticket + credit card processing fees + 2.5%+ of the ticket cost, making tickets more expensive for users. 

With JotForm, just pay for a JotForm subscription + the standard credit card processing fees. 

Keep ticket costs lower for your customers, and sell more tickets with JotForm.

1. No per-ticket fees, Save 100%
Unlike alternatives like Eventbrite, JotForm does not charge per-ticket fees. So, you’re attendees will not be hit with costly and unnecessary fees, and your ticket prices will remain lower. Your attendees will be happier, and conversion rates will increase leading to more tickets sold.

2. Advanced Design Options
JotForm allows you to create event RSVP forms that can match your company’s branding. Select your desired color schemes, fonts, and style. Upload your company logo and images. With JotForm, your RSVP form looks like a custom designed form. 

3. Customize confirmation emails
With JotForm, you can create custom Thank You pages and confirmation emails. Add specific  messaging, including a link to your website, and add some visual flair with images and a design of your choice. 

Learn more here.
Do you have any other tips on selling tickets online? Let us know your comments! 


  • RikiNurhasim


  • LeoC2

    But can we create a barcode on the receipt and scan it at gate entry like Eventbrite?

  • alka17690

    This widget is not showing anywhere?
    Where do we access this?

  • monas

    تم اكتشاف ثغرة لهكر جميع الال

  • madhatters

    interested in this eventbrite alternative - but the link to it doesn't!
    I could use it right now....we are setting up a festival booking form and this exact scenario has popped up. We are just about to increase ticket prices to cover the paypal fees.
    This sounds like the perfect fix.
    Please let me know what to do!!

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