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Planning an event, whether a big corporate event or a backyard birthday party, requires quite a bit of planning. You’ve got to determine your guest list, lock down the venue, figure out food and refreshments, and get the decor just right. Once you’re on top of that, it’s time to invite your guests! But how? With a custom Jotform event registration form, of course.

Why choose Jotform over other event form providers?

1) Sell paid tickets online for free

Eventbrite charges 2.5% of the ticket price, plus $.99 per ticket, plus a 3% payment processing fee. Jotform is 100% free up to 10 payment entries, or 100 non-payment submissions. Beyond that it’s only $19/month for up to 1,000 monthly submissions. Need I say more?

2) More payment options

Eventbrite offers only three payment options. Jotform gives you flexibility by offering over 10 of the most popular payment providers, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and more.

3) Better design capabilities

While Eventbrite allows you to add a photo, a color scheme, and add a header, Jotform allows you to do all this and more. Our Form Designer let’s you quickly add beautiful fonts, spectacular backgrounds, color schemes, logos, and plenty of ready-made form and button options. Best of all, forms created with Jotform’s Form Designer are mobile-optimized and look great on every device.

4) Integrate with email marketing services

Jotform integrates with email marketing services including MailChimp and Constant Contact. Sometimes you’ll want to remind guests about the event, perhaps two weeks prior to the event. You can get them excited with a simple email that showcases a countdown, or feature a fun photo of the bride and groom if the event is a wedding. If it’s raining and you need to redirect guests to a new location or otherwise keep them updated, you can shoot them a note easily.

5) Hundreds of fun extras

You can easily add an advanced form field, or widget, to your RSVP form. This includes being able to sync with Soundcloud to offer your guests a sneak peek of the music that will be played, or add a useful map of where the event will take place, courtesy of Google Maps.

Do you plan events? Feel free to share your tips below!

This article is originally published on Mar 29, 2016, and updated on Jul 14, 2020.
An avid writer, she has contributed to sites including Entrepreneur and Social Media Today. A Bostonian and University of Miami alum, she loves traveling, trying new foods, and drawing & crafting.

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