10 Eventbrite alternatives for planning great events

Planning an event, whether a big corporate funciton or a backyard birthday party, requires quite a bit of planning. You have to determine your guest list, lock down the venue, figure out food and refreshments, and get the decor just right. Then, once you’ve established all those logistical items, it’s time to invite your guests with a custom event registration form, which you can do with event management apps like Eventbrite.

In addition to helping you find concert tickets, weekend parties, and charitable causes in your area, Eventbrite allows you to create and manage your own online and in-person events. With Eventbrite, you can

  • Create event registration forms
  • Expand your reach with targeting options and actionable insights
  • Boost your growth with dynamic social media marketing tools
  • Engage your target audience with effective email marketing campaigns
  • Host virtual event experiences with third-party integrations like Zoom and Facebook
  • Sell tickets and monitor sales

You can do all this — and more — from one user-friendly platform and mobile app. Eventbrite is intuitive, affordable, comprehensive, and incredibly empowering. It’s helped brands grow and scale for more than 15 years.

But Eventbrite is just one of many event management apps on the market. Here are 10 Eventbrite alternatives.

1. Jotform

First on the list of Eventbrite alternatives is online form builder Jotform. Here’s what this event form provider allows you to do:

  • Sell tickets using your pick of more than 25 of the most popular payment processor integrations, including PayPal, Stripe, and Cash App.
  • Fully customize your forms — i.e., add beautiful fonts, spectacular backgrounds, fun widgets, and a wide variety of color schemes and logos. Start with one of Jotform’s 1,000-plus event form templates or build a form from scratch. All forms are optimized for mobile and look great on any device.
  • Integrate with email marketing services — including Mailchimp and Constant Contact — to remind guests about the event, get them excited, or redirect them if any last-minute changes or weather delays occur.

Pro Tip

Create and promote your next event for free with Jotform.

2. Whova

Image of Whova Platform

Whether you’re hosting an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, event management software Whova has everything you need to ensure it’s a seamless experience. With up-to-date event information, a personalized agenda, and live polls, you can provide an engaging event experience for your attendees that will create lasting memories.

3. Zoom Events

Image of Zoom Events

No matter what you need to tackle for your virtual events, whether it’s creating tickets and managing charitable donations or initiating networking sessions and tracking event registration and revenue, virtual event platform Zoom Events is your one-stop shop. Plus, thanks to its user-friendly, step-by-step editor, you can create your own branded event hubs — making event management and analytics easier and more streamlined than ever before.

4. Eventbee

Image of Eventbee Platform

Designed to help individuals and organizations plan, promote, and manage stellar events, management solution Eventbee touts robust features. This platform helps users create event pages and registration forms, accept donations, send confirmation emails, provide discount codes, and more. It’s easy to navigate, fully customizable, well integrated with other apps like Zoom, and more than equipped to handle all your event needs.

5. Ticketbud

Image of Ticketbud Platform

Event management platform Ticketbud can help you create a custom event website in minutes, whether you’re a small business or large enterprise. With third-party app integrations, audience segmentation, robust reporting, quick and secure payment processing, and a dedicated support and customer care team, you’ll have all the necessary tools to make your event a total success.

6. Soapbox Engage

Image of Soapbox Engage Platform

Next on the list of Eventbrite alternatives is online fundraising platform Soapbox Engage, which lets you create free and paid events and ticketing pages, track marketing campaigns, and collect payments. Plus, thanks to its integration with customer relationship management (CRM) tool Salesforce, attendees’ ticket information is automatically saved when they register for easy follow-up.

7. Meetup

Image of Meetup Platform

Like Eventbrite, social media platform Meetup helps you find local events in your area to connect and engage with like-minded people. But in addition to joining events and groups, you can create them, too, managing your attendee list, charging ticket fees and membership dues, and even assigning additional organizers to help you host an event.

8. Cvent

Image of Cvent Platform

Plan, promote, host, and follow up on your next virtual, in-person, or hybrid event with event management platform Cvent. When it comes to event budgeting, content management, lead capture, collecting session feedback, and more, Cvent has all the tools you need to make your event a success from start to finish.

9. Splash

Image of Splash Platform

With event marketing software Splash, you have full control over your live, virtual, and hybrid event programs. Design stunning event marketing templates, send engaging marketing emails, sync event data automatically with other apps, check in attendees, and track your data with built-in dashboards — all from one powerful platform.

10. Hopin

Image of Hopin Tool

Whether your event planning priority is customized branding, keeping attendees engaged, understanding and leveraging event data and insights, or anything in between, Hopin has you covered. You can produce a webinar, build a virtual expo, livestream a physical event, and set up an online summit, to name just a few capabilities Hopin offers.

Event planning is hard enough without the right management tool to keep everything organized, streamlined, and under control. So, whether you choose Eventbrite, Jotform, or any of the above alternatives for your next party or conference, you’ll be sure to receive as many compliments as you do attendees.

This article is originally published on Mar 29, 2016, and updated on Jun 01, 2023.
An avid writer, she has contributed to sites including Entrepreneur and Social Media Today. A Bostonian and University of Miami alum, she loves traveling, trying new foods, and drawing & crafting.

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