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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at


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Introducing JotForm Cards: The Friendly Way to Ask

It’s official! Our new, revolutionary online form layout, JotForm Cards , has finally launched.

We threw out everything we thought we knew about online form design when we built JotForm Cards. The new style asks form questions one at a time, with humanlike interactions and a georgeous interface.  

But we didn’t just create JotForm Cards because they look pretty. We created them to give your business better data.  

Our UX Research team evaluated more than 12,000 forms and compared conversion rates between traditional form styles to JotForm Cards. What we found was that forms created with JotForm Cards had a 36% higher conversion rate. It didn’t make a difference if the form was embedded on a website, or used as a standalone link -- JotForm Cards just performed better.  

This means that you could be getting 36% more leads, event attendees, job applicants, or requests for service. That means you could be getting 36% more of the customer, employee, or student feedback that your organization depends on. It means you could be collecting 36% more revenue through your order or donation forms.

Demo JotForm Cards

Here are some of the main JotForm Cards features we’re excited to show you:

Welcome Page

A JotForm Cards welcome page is a great way introduce your organization and to explain the background and purpose of the form. By connecting with your respondent early in the form, it increases the likelihood they’ll fill it out.  

welcome page

Visually Stunning  

JotForm Cards raise the bar for online form design. It offers limitless options for how your form can look, including dozens of color sets and even the ability to play videos as your form background.  


One-Question-Per-Page Format

Despite our best efforts, human eyes can only read one thing at a time. And even if you could read two things at once, you can’t type out answers to multiple form questions simultaneously. That’s why we made JotForm Cards show one question at a time. It significantly improves focus, and reduces page noise.  

one question

Mobile Ready

Your forms need to look great on any device. JotForm Cards are 100% mobile friendly and offer features to enhance the mobile experience. The one-question-per-page format beautifully translates to any device, enabling a natural swiping motion to see the next question on phones and tablets.  

mobile form

Progress Bar

Progress bars are invaluable for letting your respondent know how much of the form they’ve completed. JotForm Cards progress bars go one step further and indicate completed questions with a bright green dot. It’s a gamification feature that encourages form completion. People are more likely to complete a task when they’ve been provided an indicator of progress.  

progress bar


Use our new library of icons to liven up your form. Add them as question selection options so that your respondents can choose between professionally-designed images when filling your form.  


Micro Animations  

It’s jarring to receive an error message when trying to fill out a form. To make the experience more pleasant, we’ve included a micro animation that shakes no to let the user know they’ve filled something incorrectly. It’s a more approachable, human way to alert the respondent.  


Emoji Slider

Your respondents will have the chance to express themselves with an emoji slider that changes faces as you move it across the bar. This is a more enjoyable way for someone to give you feedback.  

emoji slider

Smart Embed

JotForm Cards will seamlessly match your website’s look and feel with our Smart Embed feature.  

smart embed

Since 2006, our focus at JotForm has been to make it easy to build forms and collect information. However, with JotForm Cards, we turned our focus to the people filling out your forms. We wanted them to be well served by JotForm, even if they weren’t the ones collecting the information.  

Try JotForm Cards for yourself today!  

Have you already started collecting data using JotForm Cards? Do you have a favorite feature? Let us know what you think in the comments!  

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Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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  • Lindaz

    Can I put a hyperlink in one of thse forms and if customer touches it, it automatically goes to that link?

    Also, if I embed jotcard on my website am I notified of the cutomers data that they input?

  • Lindaz

    Hello, I work for a bank and think that I can embed a jot card to my website? If so, is this counted as one submission? Not sure what a "submission" is.


  • jamessanders

    How do I enable the progress bar?

  • md azim

    What is this jot form.

  • Donds10

    The JotForm Cards look very neat and could be fun to use for the user. I see we can convert our JotForms, not tried this yet, so very easy to change.

  • JKK

    Specific to collecting feedback (using your event satisfaction card as an example), is there a way to share that information on social media sites such as facebook and google reviews?

  • christalclearly

    Looks great, I will check it out. Thanks!

  • DavidGrayTV

    Fantastic. Loving these tremendously. well done.
    When the next big update comes along would it be possible for us to be able to integrate more then one payment option on a form. It would be great to give clients the option of choosing how to pay and more importantly who with? Surprisingly a lot of people don't like using PayPal for example.

  • kdavis5430

    Is there a way to import forms created in the old JotForm format into this new JotForm Card format and keep the same form address?

  • abennet4

    I offer four subscriptions from $30-120 which show up on one card but with page numbers. Is there a way to present all four without having to click through page numbers? If not, can I change the subscription numbers to a custom text, such as $30, $60, $90, $120

  • Iza B.

    Hi Aytekin, if your UX Research team tested JotForm Cards with people with disabilities and assistive technologies, such as screen readers, screen magnifiers or Dragon Naturally Speaking, please consider adding information about your level of compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) and ADA Section 508. Web accessibility is a legal requirement in many countries but for e-commerce sites excluding a sizable group of potential customers is bad for business. (E.g. "If I go on an e-commerce website and put stuff in my cart, but get to the payment screen and have trouble because the checkout button's not labeled -- that's a high degree of frustration"

    The number of companies that are getting into legal trouble for discriminating against online customers with disabilities is growing ( So, if the form solution you are offering is fully accessible (I haven't checked if it is), it would be beneficial to your business if you let the world know if yours is 'the friendly and inclusive way to ask' :-)

  • Janie D.

    I'm excited to try this!

  • draivika

    Can I embed a Card Form in a website so the overlay happens with the snazzy new card layout for the modal window but the website is in the background and not the card from background?

  • Tom

    Not exactly sure what this is ?

  • pacyber

    Do you feel that "cards" are as effective with longer registration forms? I completely LOVE it for shorter forms...wonder if the number of clicks will deter users from completing the form.

    Here is the one that i use:

    Thanks so much,

  • K9AR

    Do all rules in an existing JotForm FORM
    remain when the FORM is transferred into Cards?

  • K9AR

    I'm mainly interested in the back end of CARDS.
    Once all the information is gathered how is is laid out
    for me to read? Is the layout identical to the existing
    JotForm PDF?

  • edhulit

    Does this integrate with

  • FAYZEE11461


  • wilhelmsendk

    finally , great addition to jotform. We have been waiting for this . now you just past typeform in ux :-) Yay


    does this affect existing jotforms or old way of making forms in any way?

  • globaldigital

    Excelente trabalho. Parabéns!

  • 171980Aimi

    how can i move my existing forms into a card one? can anyone assist?

  • florian40

    How can I transform an existing form in a Cards one?

  • eatballard

    We are thrilled with this news and delighted to be the first to congratulate JotForm here! We have been impressed with the JF Card features rolled out so far. It's a game changer. We tell everyone we know with a website, business or nonprofit to start using JotForm. There is hardly an organizational process that cannot stand to benefit from this visionary approach. Thank you!