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Aytekin Tank is founder of JotForm. He currently leads the JotForm development team. He loves to hear from JotForm users. Feel free to shoot him an email at aytekin at

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Send Form Emails From Your Own Email Address: JotForm Now Support SMTP

We are excited to announce a new development on JotForm: You can now  send emails from your own email address. Simply setup your email account on JotForm and we will use your SMTP server to send emails.  

Many of JotForm users create forms for their clients or organizations. Or, they send autoresponder emails to people who fill their forms. So, having no JotForm branding on these emails is very important for them. We respect that. That's why this is another step in the right direction. 

Another reason to use this feature might be to increase reliability. We send hundreds of thousands of emails every single day. It is our job to send emails reliably and we are very good at it. But, sometimes our emails go to your spam filter or we might get blacklisted on a spam list temporarily. These kinds of things happen when you send huge amounts of emails. There is no way around it. You now have another option when you are not completely happy with our email sending facility. 

How to Setup SMTP for a Form 

Setting up your own SMTP account on a form is very easy. You can can do it on the form builder where you setup email settings. First, select the email alert you would like to send emails using SMTP. 

Then click on "Reply-to and Recipient Settings" button. To setup your SMTP server click on the "Sender E-mail" dropdown and select "Add a Sender Email" option. 

The next screen looks like the screen you get when you setup an email client. Enter your basic account information for your email address. We use Google Apps for Business for our company emails. So, I simply entered, and my account credentials. 

That's all. Your emails will be sent using your own SMTP server from now on. 

Here is the good news: You will only do this setup once. You can choose to use the same email address on the next form without re-entering the information. 

Do you need to Edit/Delete the SMTP Emails? Not a problem! 

Please check this tutorial. How to Edit/Delete the SMTP Emails

Don't Have an SMTP Account? 

Mandrill, a service by Mailchimp, provides a free SMTP email sending option upto 12,000 emails per month.  We have tested our new SMTP feature with Mandrill and it worked perfectly! Here is the tutorial


  • postmeit

    Great Job and thanks for such a quick new request to feature.

    Brilliant support

    Regards, William

  • positivecf

    i made an error in the smtp details. how do i edit?

  • chris_hills

    This is a show stopper for us. My users can no longer enter their email address so we can see who has sent us a message on our outlook inbox.

    We use exchange - not an smtp server.

    You've just trashed about 50 active forms and 6 months work and systems design, I think!

  • chrisjaeger

    How do you edit an SMTP email address you put in, like if you put it in wrong and/or want to delete one you previously used.

  • cheekychappie2k2

    How do we edit the details, i have entered the wrong password!!

  • DPoorman

    I also entered the wrong password! Can someone delete my account out as well, please?

  • ayadov77

    worked for one of my forms but not for others. when i did it for my first form it worked good, than i wanted to do the same for other forms and i can already see the (added sender emails) which i just created but when i select them it doesn't work! i did try deleting the email (autorespond email) and made a new one but still not working, so for me it works only for 1 form. is there a problem? please

  • hurricanetattoo

    Is there anyway to use our gmail account? I am reading up on it and it looks like it could work if the email address Jotform is sending it from gets authorized for our email account as another email address we own. Do you know if there is any way for us to do that?

  • alehandro130

    I need to re-edit. Can you please remove the emails i created?

  • nelsonmonday

    am augandan person honest high school level .a agree to do the best

  • Ikisami

    Why should this change? It worked well so far! Now, every form has to be set down and watch! In addition, I do not see the sender's e-mail address!

  • Ikisami

    Why should this change? It worked well so far! Now, every form has to be set down and watch! In addition, I do not see the sender's e-mail address! To me it is very important the sender's e-mail address to see! Education curriculum that we can send to!

    But now, unfortunately, your application is not received by the sender! It's not working!

    I was all super far! I did not want this to change! I purchase premium package and now nothing works!


    So what does this mean for existing forms that have a Auto Responder response email? Do we have to go through and edit the Sender Email Address using this SMTP process?

  • kafh

    i got error and suspended my account

  • mountainchristian

    I believe I made an error in the security for my SMTP.... and can't fix the setting... please help

  • elsac

    This upgrade fits exactly within my needs.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards, EC

  • asorash

    slawt lebet

  • MaureenMcMahon75

    Can you tell me how I can fill out a form that was sent to my email address?
    Many thnks

  • Appwhiz

    Hi, does this mean that I can send forms to clients through the jotform email? I don't have a website. I tried to do it through regular email and it did not work.

  • soso


  • rsam

    This feature (like many other useful ones on the hosted solution such as multiple conditions, ability to see field names and ids etc) does not seem to be available in the paid Licensed version. I am also not getting any support at all despite repeated requests.

  • ilyass fyra

    je veux

  • Lisa Smith

    Thanks for sharing the article and helping tools for email marketing.

    Inbox SMTP

  • mili


  • AJMILL71

    I can't get mine to work...I am using yahoo

  • Josh

    Used it with the smtp provided from
    Works great!

  • Blake baker

    Thanks for sharing the article and serving to tools for email promoting.

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