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ClinchPad Integration for Your Forms

ClinchPad is a modern CRM system which unlike traditional CRM software focuses on deals rather than contacts. Its main focus is on managing your sales pipeline through an intuitive visual interface. It is targeted at small teams who need something simple to manage their business leads rather than large sales teams.

Screenshot of ClinchPad’s home screen

ClinchPad is free to use for tracking up to 100 leads and has economical pricing plans from $9 to $99 based on the number of users. 

Why You Should Use a Sales CRM

Jotform allows users to create beautiful, usable forms which are often used to collect inbound business leads. For example, a web development company might have an enquiry form (powered by Jotform) on their website so that visitors can contact them to find out more about their services. 

Collecting leads using a form is just one part of the equation. Following up and converting the prospect into a customer is the other important part. Using a sales CRM to keep track of your business leads can dramatically increase the chances of converting a prospect into a customer. 

Never Miss a Lead Again with ClinchPad’s integration with Jotform

Entering data into a CRM system is tedious and often a significant barrier to CRM adoption. ClinchPad eliminates the need to re-enter data captured in Jotform forms. Instead, you can automatically convert them to leads in ClinchPad small business CRM!

jotform crm integration
A new lead is automatically created in ClinchPad on submitting a Jotform powered form

Now, whenever a user fills out a Jotform powered web form, a new lead will be created in ClinchPad. Details from your form such as contact, organization, product, source, zone or any other piece of information are automatically captured and associated with the respective leads created in ClinchPad. 

We have made sure that this integration is extremely flexible to fit your business needs. Leads that are automatically created can be assigned to a specific team member by default. 

Better yet, you can further automate the distribution of sales leads among your team by creating them in a specific stage in the sales pipeline. And, you can do this for each and every Jotform form used for lead capturing!

To get started with the integration, please see this step by step guide to integrating your Jotform forms with ClinchPad


  • 314djparty

    I have been trying but I can't get it to work.

    Here is my form:

    It has the web hook. but nothing goes to clinchpad. I have tried many times with different fields. but nothing.

  • cinemardi

    traduction Français...?

    Pourquoi ne traduisez-vous aucun article en Français ou autre langue... il y a des personnes qui ne comprennent RIEN à l'Anglais...

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