Best CRM Software for Large Organizations

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be the central hub that keeps your organization running smoothly, organizing all of your interactions with customers and vendors, providing key metrics, and essentially managing your sales and marketing departments.

However, it can be overwhelming choosing the right CRM software for your company because there’s just. So. Many. But we’re here to offer a little help figuring which one is right for your team.

Below are Jotform users’ preferred CRM softwares, and what each is best for. All of which smoothly integrate with Jotform.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a behemoth in the world of CRM tools. It’s so big and feature rich, in fact, that many large companies hire dedicated Salesforce experts just to train teams on all of the features. With Salesforce, you can manage contacts, build email campaigns, forecast sales, and automate marketing.

Best for: Large companies

2. Highrise

Hands down, Highrise is the easiest CRM to navigate. Highrise makes it incredibly simple to get started and to use on a daily basis, which is why it’s so perfect for small businesses. It’s intuitive, economically priced, and a perfect step up from simple address books. It also provides the ability to send emails to contacts, as well as import contacts from a CSV file. So you could download your contact list as a CSV from Jotform, and upload it to Highrise to jump start a new account.

Best for: Small businesses

3. Solve 360

The biggest benefit of Solve 360 is its terrific customization — you can add unlimited number of custom fields for any of the customer insights your business needs to track. It also gives you the ability to create category tags to make it easy to segment your customer list. Another added benefit is the pre-built integrations with accounting tools like FreshBooks and Xero.

Best for: Customization

4. Zoho

Need a basic CRM that can expand as you add more employees to your team? Zoho‘s probably the CRM choice for your organization. It’s cost-effective (free for up to three users), and it’s fairly easy to get started. Although the dashboard isn’t the most visually appealing option on this list, the functionality is all there. It has most of, if not all, the features as Salesforce, but it’s a cheaper option.

Best for: Medium-sized businesses

5. Keap

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is the CRM that works best with robust marketing departments. Powerful built-in marketing automation, e-commerce transaction capabilities, and visual reports make it a really standout CRM software to help inform complex marketing decisions with hard data. While it’s on the pricier side, it’s a great investment.

Best for: Large marketing departments

Jotform easily integrates with each of these CRM tools, which makes it a great way to collect and store the data that helps move your company forward.

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Which CRM do you use for your organization? Let us know in the comments below!

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Chad is a former VP of Marketing and Communications at Jotform. He’s also a frequent contributor to various tech and business publications, and an absolute wizard with a Vitamix. He holds a master’s degree in communication and resides with his wife and cats in Oakland, California.

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