The 7 best Keap alternatives

Keap is a flexible customer relationship management (CRM) and sales and marketing automation platform you can use to manage leads, invoices, and your sales pipeline. But for a solution that handles such an impressive range of needs, it has a surprising amount of competition. In fact, there are several convenient Keap alternatives on the market that can perform many of the same tasks Keap does.

So let’s dive into some expert recommendations for CRM, sales, and marketing tools that rival Keap’s automation capabilities.

The most effective Keap alternatives

1. Bigin (by Zoho CRM)


Gabriele Bossi, CEO and founder of Skyground Media Agency, alerted us to this robust CRM and sales automation solution for small businesses. Bossi, who uses Bigin’s CRM personally, notes its many automation features, including lead nurturing and automatic assignment of every new contact to sales team members. She also draws on Zoho’s library of tools for invoice management and recommends Zoho Invoice to customize invoice design, schedule recurring invoices, and integrate payment platforms.

2. Braze


Braze, a state-of-the-art customer engagement platform with loads of features, helps business owners and marketers automate more and worry less. Its email and marketing automation feature uses dynamic segmentation — a  powerful system for quickly building new audience segments according to different combinations of demographics. It can also automatically personalize messages to specifically address each contact’s needs and interests. 

Robert Warner, head of marketing at VirtualValley, recommends Braze and adds, “Every Braze discussion is grounded in context, allowing brands to connect with customers on a more personal level by engaging them in two-way exchanges of information across several media.”

3. CompanyHub


Tiffany Payne, head of content at, says CompanyHub is an easy-to-use automation platform that makes even mobile business processes quick. It provides you with “two top-notch mobile apps for iOS and Android that are great for managing deals while you’re on the go,” she says, “along with a customizable CRM platform with email automation, lead management, a visual sales funnel, reporting, and sales bots.”

4. HubSpot


This article wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of HubSpot, the Keap alternative that garnered the most recommendations — by far — from our respondents. Inez Stanway, CEO of LiveLaughCreate, is one of those who sings its praises, observing that HubSpot is widely regarded as a giant in automated marketing. Its segmented structure, which follows the core functions of any business, is the obvious reason why: It offers a Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub.

Many regard the Marketing Hub, packed with email automation and CRM capabilities, as the gold standard for today’s marketers. Stanway describes it as an “all-in-one solution that has everything I need to manage my customer relationships and grow my business.”

5. Insightly


John Simmons, a deliverability expert at InboxAlly, recommends Insightly as an easy-to-use sales pipeline and invoice management tool. It’s also a CRM platform that manages leads, and it offers a flexible, cloud-based approach to managing customer relationships. You can use it to track leads and opportunities, send emails to tailored lists, approve invoices within the application, manage accounts, and even send invoices back to employees for revision.

6. Omnisend


Robert Smith, head of marketing at Psychometric Success, recommends this platform for solving common business problems. A newcomer to the marketing software industry, Omnisend has already earned a reputation as a trusted solution that facilitates specialized campaigns, automated workflows, sales-boosting data, automated SMS marketing, and automated sales features.

Paul Somerville, editor-in-chief at Electric Scooter Guide, also recommends Omnisend and notes that it “employs templates and a user-friendly visual builder to make it simple and quick to create workflows, forms, landing pages, pop-ups, and emails.”

7. Salesmate


Salesmate is a collaborative CRM platform that supports remote sales teams in nurturing leads and increasing sales. Even with its lowest-tier plan, you get pipeline management, email marketing, email automation, voice and text features, extensive reporting, and mobile applications for iOS and Android. 

Alex Uriarte, a personal injury attorney in the 1-800-Injured Network, adds, “Salesmate’s capabilities are organized into cohesive areas, such as Voice & Text, which makes the platform far easier to browse than many all-in-one platforms that struggle to arrange and categorize functions.”

Jotform, too, provides many of the features offered by Keap. Key Jotform capabilities enable fast and easy invoice approvals, a broad range of CRM functions, and marketing automation. And with the power of enterprise-level plans for larger companies and sales funnels, Jotform has the tools for any company that needs to save time with automation.

In addition to Jotform, the Keap alternatives listed above are all effective CRM and automation platforms — but your choice will depend on your company’s unique needs. Many of the alternatives have free trial periods, so consider trying one to find the right fit.

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