The 25 best call-tracking software solutions

Call-tracking software can help salespeople not only keep track of leads, but also improve relationships with both current and prospective customers. Since this type of software gives you background information about callers, like where they heard about your company, you’re more likely to start off a sales pitch on the right foot.

Call-tracking software can also increase your return on investment (ROI), offering insights about the effectiveness of your ad campaigns — whether through mapping customer website journeys or gathering data based on keywords used on calls or online. This, coupled with the ability to see all your leads consolidated in one place, helps you measure the effectiveness of current marketing campaigns and improve future ones.

But which call-tracking software is best for your business? Here are the top 25 on the market.

1. Jotform Apps

Using code-free mobile app builder Jotform Apps, you can create, publish, and share a call-tracking app with your sales team via a simple link, thanks to its 50 fully customizable app elements and 100-plus integrations.

And with more than 300 available app templates — including a versatile call-tracking app template — tracking and analyzing calls and leads is easy. Important client data collected in apps is automatically logged in Jotform Tables, a secure, sortable database.

2. WhatConverts

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Lead management tool WhatConverts helps you track lead data from calls in mere minutes. It’s fast, easy to set up and use, and integrates with more than 1,000 applications — making it the perfect tool for all your lead tracking, management, and reporting needs.

3. Close

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Built for sales teams, Close is a sales engagement and customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed to streamline both your workflow and your outreach from one consolidated platform. So, whether you need to make more calls or send more emails, Close helps you reach more leads and increase revenue.

4. 800response

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Through call tracking, routing, and monitoring, 800response helps you generate, track, and manage new leads, no matter your industry. And with features like CallFinder Speech Analytics, you can automatically record and score client interactions for quality assurance and improve the overall customer experience.

5. CallRail

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Designed to both attain and retain leads, the analytics platform CallRail makes it easy to track inbound calls, improve marketing strategies based on call data, and convert leads into loyal customers.

6. Invoca

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Trusted by brands like Dish Network, the Mayo Clinic, and Samsung, Invoca takes advantage of every digital interaction — converting conversations into customers. Whether you’re in the healthcare, insurance, or retail industry, Invoca’s AI-powered communication intelligence helps you find and close deals.

7. CallTrackingMetrics

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Thanks to performance marketing platform CallTrackingMetrics’s conversation intelligence, you can eliminate guesswork about which ad campaigns are performing well, helping you make better decisions about how to attract future leads.

8. ActiveDEMAND

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With ActiveDEMAND, you can manage multiple call-tracking campaigns — with features like call recording, redirecting, and lead scoring — from one unified platform, whether you’re a marketer for an agency, small business, or corporate firm.

9. CallAction

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Though similar to other call-tracking and reporting software, CallAction’s standout feature is its intelligent SMS automation for responding to missed calls.

10. CallFire

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From text messaging and call tracking to voice broadcast and interactive voice response (IVR), the lightweight tool CallFire helps businesses engage customers, save time, and improve ROI.

11. Marchex

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Using AI-powered conversation intelligence, Marchex can help your company better understand its customers’ buying intent and path to purchase, resulting in quicker, more data-driven closes.

12. Phonexa

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Touting features like call tracking and distribution and a cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) system to lower costs and improve functionality, lead management software Phonexa helps drive revenue and productivity.

13. Ricochet360

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Built to increase sales productivity, sales and marketing platform Ricochet360 allows your team to call a new lead in less than one second, resulting in improved revenue and a competitive advantage.


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The mission of is simple: use a toll-free number and increase your sales. By using the gold standard of telephone numbers, you can run your business from a cell phone.

15. EngageBay

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Designed for startups and small businesses, EngageBay is a simple, affordable platform for call tracking, lead generation and management, website engagement, and marketing automation.

16. Funnel Science

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Using predictive analytics and multiple machine learning techniques, conversion tracking app Funnel Science helps you optimize your marketing campaigns and get more leads.

17. Infinity

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With Infinity, eliminate guesswork about what is generating leads and take action to create more of them, thanks to the platform’s granular, data-driven tracking and reporting capabilities.

18. Ringba

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Call-tracking software Ringba is your one-stop solution for inbound call tracking, instant caller profiles, and interactive voice response (IVR), resulting in better, more data-driven decision-making for your next marketing campaign.

19. Ringostat

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Whether you need assistance automating calls, analyzing the cost and overall effectiveness of your ad campaigns, or bridging the gap between finding customers and closing sales, Ringostat can help.

20. CallSource

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Best for appointment-driven industries like automotive sales, dental care, or pest control, CallSource helps uncover and recover sales opportunities — when call handlers fail to book a consultation, for example — improve marketing campaigns, and boost profitability.

21. Convirza

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With features including call tracking, lead quality scoring, and marketing performance analytics, Convirza helps turn connections into conversions, regardless of role or industry.

22. CrazyCall

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Cloud-based calling software CrazyCall allows users to track, transfer, and record calls and close deals faster with an interactive call script — all from one simple platform.

23. FluentStream

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Best for small and medium-sized businesses, FluentStream helps you interact with customers and manage leads, thanks to features like call recording and forwarding, toll-free numbers, and voicemail-to-email capabilities.

24. LiveVox

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Through two-way messaging, compliance-focused outbound campaigns, and multichannel recording capabilities, LiveVox helps provide complete visibility of agent-client interactions, resulting in improved customer experience and ROI.

25. ResponseTap

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As a call-tracking and analytics tool, ResponseTap helps you link calls to your ad campaigns, boost sales, and improve customer relationships, whether you work for a marketing firm or call center.

With so many products to choose from, it’s hard to decide which call-tracking software is best for your business. But since all 25 of these options are easy to use, intuitive, and equipped with real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, any one of them can help your business grow and scale.

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