Top 5 Pipedrive alternatives in 2024

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the MVP of sales tools. Forget sales intelligence, enablement, or analytics tools. If a rep could only choose one tool to use, they’d pick their CRM system without thinking twice.

Who can blame them, given the benefits of a good CRM? A CRM acts as a centralized source of customer data, empowers reps to track interactions in a way that converts more leads, and helps them make data-backed decisions, say Cassie Bottorff and Lee Davis at Forbes Advisor. Ultimately, it makes the business more money.

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Pipedrive has made a name for itself as a leading CRM tool, one that puts reps in control of their sales pipelines. It’s not perfect, though. If the price or the lack of marketing tools has put you off, there are plenty of other platforms to choose from.

If you’re in the market for a CRM system, try one of these Pipedrive alternatives.

1. Jotform

If you want a CRM to track your sales activity more than anything else, Jotform is an excellent Pipedrive alternative. Use Jotform Apps to create a sales tracking tool that lets you log new leads, record opportunities, and track every interaction you have with prospects. There’s even a free sales tracking app template to help you get started.

Jotform’s sales tracking app integrates with your existing CRM tool, whether you’re using Jotform Tables as your CRM or another platform. The Jotform app works on any smartphone or tablet, making it easy to track activities on the move. It’s even free to get started.

Pro Tip

Gather new leads and manage them effortlessly with Jotform Apps. No coding required!

2. Copper

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Are you a Google Workspace power user? Then Copper CRM is probably the best Pipedrive alternative for you. Copper’s standout feature is its ability to integrate seamlessly with features like Gmail and Google Calendar, allowing sales reps to track activity without leaving either app.

Using Google’s productivity tools isn’t a requirement for using Copper, though — the company also has a standalone CRM, though some sales reps may find it lacking in features. Copper is designed for simplicity, so advanced features like click-to-call are missing.

You can get started with Copper from $23 per user per month, and you can take it for a test drive with a 14-day free trial.

3. HubSpot

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HubSpot offers one of the most comprehensive CRM systems on the market. For some, that will make it the perfect Pipedrive alternative. For others, it could be too much to handle.

One feature that separates HubSpot from many competitors is the platform’s ability to merge marketing and sales operations into one tool. With features like email templates and marketing automation software, HubSpot gives you the ability to manage and track the entire customer journey from lead to deal.

It’s not for everyone, though. HubSpot’s tools can be overwhelming to sales reps who prefer a more streamlined approach to sales tracking. And the price might give you sticker shock. HubSpot’s basic sales CRM tool costs $15 per user per month. More comprehensive solutions start from $90 per user per month, and the price can quickly rise into three figures.

4. Keap

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Keap is another sales automation and marketing platform that may be a suitable Pipedrive alternative for businesses looking for an all-in-one platform. With landing pages, text messaging, and marketing automation baked into the platform, there’s a good chance your sales or marketing teams won’t need to use anything else. The tool’s myriad integrations (over 2,500 in total) means it will play nicely with the rest of your tech stack too.

Expect to spend time getting to grips with Keap. The size of the platform’s offering means it can be overwhelming for new users.

You can get started with Keap from $159 per month.

5. Insightly

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Insightly acts as a single source of customer information for sales and marketing teams, making it a great Pipedrive alternative for team members who want a little more from their CRM system. It offers everything that sales and marketing teams need to build a 360-degree view of their customers, including CRM and sales automation tools, and even a customer service platform.

The price may not be so attractive, though. While Insightly’s standalone CRM system costs $29 per user per month (billed annually), integrating its marketing and customer service solutions costs several hundred dollars each.

The best Pipedrive alternative for you

If Pipedrive isn’t right for your team, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Tools like HubSpot and Insightly are great alternatives if you want a comprehensive sales and marketing solution. If you want a more streamlined approach to sales tracking, though, Jotform offers the best and most cost-effective solution.

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