The 11 best SPOTIO alternatives in 2024

The journey to making a purchase has certainly changed over the years. With so many product options at our fingertips (literally, thanks to the internet) and easy, immediate access to reviews and side-by-side comparisons, it’s harder than ever to make a decision.

And it’s harder than ever to make a sale, too — at least without the proper tools and platforms.

Luckily, sales tracking software like SPOTIO can help. With features including task automation, live sales activity tracking, territory management, lead generation, and appointment setting — plus compelling data and insights to measure overall performance — your sales team can close more deals, save more time, and work smarter, together. And with more than 2,000 app integrations (including Salesforce, SAP, and document management tool Solo), SPOTIO promises to grow your field sales revenue by 23 percent.

But it’s not the only solution on the market. Here are 11 great SPOTIO alternatives that might be a better fit for your business.

1. Jotform Apps

With no-code mobile app builder Jotform Apps, you can easily create and publish your own sales tracking app, thanks to the platform’s 50-plus app elements and more than 100 integrations. If you don’t want to create an app from scratch, check out Jotform’s ready-made and fully customizable sales tracking app template. With it, you can track sales, generate leads, and log tasks in a seamless workflow.

You can access your app on any device, sync it to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, and easily share it with your sales team.

2. SalesRabbit

Image of SalesRabbit

Whether your business needs better lead generation, more effective team management, or an automated, streamlined sales process, outside sales app SalesRabbit can help you close deals more quickly and maximize resources. And while it’s similar to SPOTIO — with features like sales performance management and route planning for sales reps on the move — some reviewers say it’s easier to do business with SalesRabbit and that the platform is more user-friendly.

3. Geopointe

Image of Geopointe

Applying location services to its sales-tracking capabilities, AppExchange tool Geopointe unlocks the where, not the what, of sales processes — allowing you to plan routes, design, assign, and reassign territories, and map data. By doing so, your business will experience improved productivity, revenue, and transparency company-wide. Some users also find that Geopointe provides better customer support than SPOTIO.

4. Salesloft

Image of Salesloft

Next on the list of SPOTIO alternatives is Salesloft, the sales engagement solution that changes how you attain and retain customers, whether you’re a salesperson, account manager, or marketer. It helps your sales team automate their buyer interactions, uncover holes in the sales cycle, and optimize overall performance — all from a single, streamlined platform.


Image of monday

Trusted by powerhouse companies like NBC, Uber, Coca-Cola, and Adobe, collaborative platform changes the way you work — allowing users to run their entire sales pipeline and CRM from one unified workspace. So, whether your sales needs include lead capturing, lead management, customer onboarding, or streamlining team tasks and projects, can help.

6. Pipedrive

Image of Pipedrive

Designed by salespeople for salespeople, CRM tool Pipedrive promises to help you close 28 percent more deals, thanks to its powerful design and usability, custom chatbots and forms, app integrations, email and call trackers, and workflow automation. And with more than 100,000 customers across 179 countries, it’s clear Pipedrive knows how to expertly close deals.

7. BIGContacts

Image of BIGContacts

One of the top SPOTIO alternatives for small or medium-sized businesses is the CRM, email, and contact management system BIGContacts. The platform helps you capture leads with customizable contact records, converts sales through email marketing and follow-up, and retains clients with social media tracking and drip marketing. Plus, thanks to its library of helpful resources — including a searchable knowledge base, customer testimonials, customer support, and an invaluable blog — your sales team can quickly access the support they need.

8. FunnelMaker

Image of FunnelMaker

Cloud-based CRM solution FunnelMaker brings your sales, marketing, and operations teams together in one simple, customizable dashboard. Offering a pipeline management feature to help salespeople manage prospects, track emails and calls, capture data, and evaluate campaign performance, FunnelMaker will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. And since it integrates with popular applications like QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Magento, you’ll have everything you need to find and close deals more effectively and efficiently.

9. Spiro

Image of Spiro

Sales platform Spiro helps automate workflows (goodbye, tedious data entry), increase sales productivity, and forecast more accurately with dynamic analytics and data management. What’s more, since Spiro believes marketing and sales are better together, they can help you align your teams — resulting in more impressive outcomes and ad campaigns that’ll drive revenue.

10. Outreach

Image of Outreach

Sales automation platform Outreach helps users bridge the gap between finding and closing leads, helping businesses become more efficient and grow faster. And due to its litany of app integrations — as well as streamlined automation and AI-driven insights — it’s no surprise Outreach has offices in three countries and is backed by robust companies like Sands Capital and Salesforce Ventures.

11. Close

Image of Close

Last on the list of SPOTIO alternatives is Close, the sales engagement CRM that helps you optimize and grow your business, no matter your industry. With Close, you’ll make 60 percent more calls (thanks to built-in, one-click calling), send more emails faster (with two-way email syncing), and boost your reach rates (with built-in, one-click SMS capabilities) — improving productivity and return on investment (ROI) company-wide.

When it comes to sales tracking and automation software, the best platforms are the ones that make your teams’ work easier, more productive, and more profitable. With this list of 11 SPOTIO alternatives, you can find one that’s easy to use, intuitive, and scalable, no matter your industry or business size.

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