Top 5 SalesRabbit alternatives in 2024

Over the past couple decades, sales has evolved from the era of face-to-face outreach and shifted to more digital, inbound methods. As the process moves online, the practice of “inside sales” — those acquired by email, phone, or internet — has become more common.

Even so, “outside sales” — personnel going out into the field to meet with potential customers — is still an important channel. In 2019, more than half of all reps were outside salespeople, and many customers still enjoy this personalized experience. Though the COVID-19 pandemic reduced that number, some industries still rely on field sales to conduct business. 

Though you may associate technological advances more with inside sales practices, outside salespeople can also greatly benefit from a customer relationship management (CRM) and lead generation system that caters to them. This demand has produced outside sales management apps, like SalesRabbit, that provide location-based support and other enhancements to make on-the-job tasks easier than ever.

When choosing the right app for your outside sales team, consider what your reps need most — think helpful tools like location mapping, canvassing, and lead qualification, among others. Also, consider the amount of resources your business can put toward implementing each system, including the cost of the software and the time it will take to teach reps to use it.

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What is SalesRabbit?

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SalesRabbit is one of the leading outside sales apps, helping field teams plan and execute field sales strategies. Helpful features include a field-specific CRM system to track leads, plan routes, and easily access forms and contracts to close deals on the spot. On top of that, team leaders can easily manage reps remotely by location, distributing canvassing strategies and leads to help optimize sales in a given area.

As a feature-rich option with relatively low start-up costs, SalesRabbit is a solid choice for companies growing their outside sales and looking for immediate support to manage the details. However, some of the software’s flaws include lower-quality user experience (UX) and tech support, which can create issues for field reps who need quick access to forms and information on the go. An almost entirely mobile business running on phones and tablets needs the right software to keep pace.

What are some SalesRabbit alternatives?

Considering these pros and cons, let’s take a look at a few SalesRabbit alternatives that might work best for you and your business.

1. Jotform Apps

Jotform Apps is an easy-to-use, no-code, mobile app builder ideal for tracking and registering sales and leads. Using Jotform’s sales tracking app template, your business, no matter its size, can create a customized interface and unique sales forms to conduct sales from wherever your reps might be, making it one of the top SalesRabbit alternatives.

Easily accessible on mobile devices for fieldwork, Jotform Apps keeps your team mobile and agile. The apps you build easily integrate with numerous CRM systems to get your outside team started with sales tracking. If you’re looking for further customization, you can even use Jotform table templates to build a CRM system of your own to integrate with Jotform Apps, a great way to organize and manage your leads and sales rep activity all from one central hub.

2. Salesforce Maps

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For those already using Salesforce for CRM, Salesforce Maps (formerly MapAnything) is a great add-on that provides data-driven location support to easily organize locations and log travel times and distances to keep your sales team running smoothly.

On the down side, while Salesforce Maps does integrate with some other CRMs, its interface is largely built around connectivity with Salesforce and is priced accordingly (in other words, fairly high). This can also cause some interface issues when using sales data from legacy software, slowing reps down in the fast-paced world of outside sales.


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A fully cloud-based app for outside sales, SPOTIO excels at tracking and organizing sales territories and streamlining sales team management. Managers can quickly and easily deploy sales teams to locations as well as access key data that helps them strategize routes for each rep.

While some mobility options are lacking (SPOTIO’s low-data mode for data entry is weaker than that of other platforms, and it doesn’t offer an offline mode in remote areas), this software is one SalesRabbit alternative that offers strong functionality for businesses of all sizes.

4. Skynamo

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Skynamo is a mobile CRM system designed specifically for field sales teams, giving them the ability to track and store customer data and engagement history all in one place. For companies selling physical products using onsite order submission, Skynamo is a solid out-of-the-box solution for made-to-stock sellers. That said, its forms and data-entry interfaces are less customizable, making it a weaker choice for larger businesses or sales teams looking to scale quickly.

5. Repsly

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A favored option for data-obsessed businesses, Repsly is a consumer-packaged goods (CPG) and merchandising-focused field sales management software. Offering powerful add-ons like insight dashboards and analytics to guide sales strategy, Repsly helps reps selling directly in stores to optimize their activities using proven insights. That said, as with SalesRabbit, these additional features might be too expensive or unnecessary for smaller businesses, or they might create cumbersome UX issues.

Your outside sales team is constantly on the move, acting as boots on the ground to meet with leads and close deals. With the right software to support and manage your teams, your reps will more easily meet quotas and even generate more leads, helping your business scale quickly.

When choosing the best SalesRabbit alternative for your business, make sure to consider exactly what it needs and how these new programs will integrate with your existing systems. With the right choice, you’ll help your company grow and sell faster than ever before.

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