The 5 best Salesmate alternatives

Ask any salesperson what their most valuable piece of software is, and chances are they’ll say their customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The ability to track and manage the entire sales journey from one platform is invaluable.

This is exactly what CRM and customer journey tool Salesmate does at its core. Salespeople can manage contracts, track deal progress, and log activities as they happen. They can also use the platform’s reporting and forecasting tools to analyze sales data automatically.

Of course, Salesmate isn’t the only CRM available. There are plenty of Salesmate alternatives available if you want a more cost-effective or comprehensive solution. Here are five of the best alternatives that may better suit your needs.


Jotform doesn’t just let you create forms with ease, it’s also a great way to track sales activities. You can use the sales tracking template from Jotform Apps as an easier-to-use Salesmate alternative. The app works great out of the box, but you can also customize every element to match your current sales process and integrate it with your existing CRM.

Because Jotform Apps works on every browser and smartphone, you can manage your sales pipeline from anywhere. It’s even free to get started. Paid plans start at $34 per month. If you have an existing Jotform subscription, Jotform Apps is included.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot is a market leader when it comes to sales and marketing tools, so you shouldn’t be too surprised to find it listed as a Salesmate alternative.

HubSpot’s software boasts many of the same features as Salesmate, including a CRM system, sales tracking software, forecasting capabilities, and a stack of engagement tools. That last feature is how HubSpot really distinguishes itself from the competition. Email templates, sales resource libraries, conversation intelligence, and automated processes make it easy to engage potential customers throughout the buyer’s journey.

That kind of functionality comes at a price, though. HubSpot’s Starter Plan in Sales Hub plan starts at $18 per month is comparable to some of the other options on this list. Its other plans come in at $450 and $1,200 per month respectively, in annual billing.

HubSpot Sales Hub
HubSpot Sales Hub


If you want to focus on prioritizing all the steps you need to take to get deals across the line, then few CRMs are better than Pipedrive. This all-in-one sales platform puts an emphasis on taking actions — like making a phone call or sending an email — that close sales. Those actions tend to be focused on sales more than anything else, which means Pipedrive may be less useful to marketers than Salesmate.

Pipedrive doesn’t lack third-party integrations either. It connects with over 250 additional tools and services, making it the perfect hub for your sales activity.

You can get started with Pipedrive for $14.90 per user per month for the Essential plan. There’s also an Advanced plan at $27.90, a Professional plan at $49.90 per user and a Power plan at $64.90 per month. An Enterprise plan in also available at $99.00 for unlimited limits and getting access to all the features.



If you’re looking for a Salesmate alternative that fits in seamlessly with your existing workflow, Copper may be just the tool you’re after. Copper integrates so seamlessly with Google Workspace that you can run your CRM system from Gmail and Google Calendar.

You don’t have to use Google products to get the most out of Copper, though. A standalone CRM lets salespeople track contacts, automate tasks, run reports, and do everything else they expect from a CRM tool.

Copper starts from $23 per user per month, and there’s a 14-day free trial.



Keap is an all-in-one sales, automation, and marketing platform. It’s a Salesmate alternative and so much more. Whether you work in sales or marketing, you’ll find something to love in this tool, like its market-leading CRM, automated customer messaging, invoicing, and payments.

It offers a mix of more than 2,500 native and Zapier Premium integrations, so it’s almost impossible for it not to play nicely with your existing setup.

Of course, there’s a downside to offering so much functionality — Keap can be confusing to new users. It’s also significantly more expensive. Keap starts at $159 per month compared to Salesmate’s $12 per month Starter plan.


The right Salesmate alternative

There’s no one Salesmate alternative that’s right for every business. Focus on what matters most to your organization — budget, customizability, analytics, etc. — and find the tool that matches those criteria best. And if you’re still not sure, why not start with Jotform? It’s free to try and one of the easiest tools to use in this list.
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This article is originally published on Aug 31, 2022, and updated on Jul 04, 2023.

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