20 great Bitrix24 alternatives in 2024

When it comes to running a business, having a strong, effective project management system in place is critical to success. Project management software brings strategic alignment, leadership, collaborative planning, and quality control to the table, keeping everyone on track and on the same page.

So, if you’re looking for a better way to manage your projects and run your day-to-day operations  — whether that’s assigning tasks, managing deadlines, collecting actionable data, or acquiring new customers and managing existing ones — you need a comprehensive, collaborative, all-in-one platform.

One of the best options is online workspace Bitrix24, which assists users with everything from social networking and videoconferencing to file sharing and advanced reporting. But it’s not the only tool on the market. Depending on your industry, team size, budget, and overall needs, you may find something more suitable for your organization with one of these 20 Bitrix24 alternatives.

1. Jotform

With tools like Jotform’s sales tracking app template, you can do everything Bitrix24 can do, like create workflows, collect and manage leads, and assign tasks. And since it’s fully customizable, completely code-free, and works on any device, you’ll be able to manage your business on the go.

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Customize your perfect all-in-one app for free with Jotform.

2. Microsoft Teams

Image of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft 365 app that can help your organization meet, chat, and create content together in a collaborative workspace. Similar to Bitrix24, Microsoft Teams provides videoconferencing and instant messaging for businesses, but some reviewers say it’s easier to set up and a more user-friendly solution than Bitrix24.

3. Wrike

Image of Wrike

Another great Bitrix24 alternative is Wrike, the work management software that helps you create and edit tasks, customize workflows, collaborate with colleagues, and track performance with detailed analytics. Though Wrike and Bitrix24 include similar project management features, some reviewers note that Wrike has better integrations and a smoother onboarding process.

4. Trello

Image of Trello

With collaboration tool Trello, you can manage projects, boost productivity, and customize workflows — all from one flexible, simple interface. And since more than 2 million teams worldwide use it (including Google and Zoom), you can trust it to help you keep track of all your business details, no matter how small.

5. Asana

Image of Asana

Regardless of your team’s size, workflow management software Asana helps you stay organized and connected to accomplish everyday tasks, whether you’re budget forecasting, tracking your work on kanban boards, or submitting work requests.

6. Jira

Image of Jira

Software development tool Jira is another great Bitrix24 alternative designed to make your team as agile and versatile as possible. Jira offers project-tracking features like scrum and kanban boards as well as integrations with over 3,000 apps, so it’s set up for collaborative, scalable success.

7. monday.com

Image of monday

Whether your needs are project management, software development, or sales and customer relationship management (CRM), work management software monday.com helps you streamline your workflow processes. With monday.com, you can plan, execute, and scale from one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

8. Teamwork

Image of Teamwork

Using project management software Teamwork, you can manage multiple projects simultaneously, use your resources more wisely, and collaborate effectively with colleagues. Plus, Teamwork grows as you do by adding optional features whenever you’re ready.

9. Quire

Image of Quire

Using cloud-based project management software Quire encourages you to dream big, no matter how small your business or project is. With customizable, intuitive features like kanban boards, Gantt charts, and its Sublist view of detailed task components at your fingertips, your workflow management dreams can quickly become a reality.

10. Slack

Image of Slack

Though business communication platform Slack provides many of the same features as Bitrix24 — including instant messaging, over 2,400 popular integrations, and file-sharing capabilities — some reviewers say it’s easier to set up and use than Bitrix24.

11. Odoo

Image of Odoo

Business management software Odoo is another exceptional Bitrix24 alternative. Trusted by 7 million users, Odoo is fully customizable and offers hundreds of open source apps, whether your business needs help with CRM, sales, accounting, or a bit of everything.

12. Axero Solutions

Image of Axero Solutions

Primarily used to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, Axero Solutions is an excellent way to connect your entire organization and develop your company culture under one integrated platform.

13. CA Flowdock

Image of CA Flowdock

Team collaboration app CA Flowdock — which integrates with more than 75 tools and services — lets you solve problems, chat, and collaborate with your colleagues, anytime and anywhere.

14. Ravetree

Image of Ravetree

With project management solution Ravetree, you can handle everything from work requests and file approvals to client portals and budgets. Thanks to its videoconferencing and live chat support, help is always just one click away.

15. Insightly

Image of Insightly

CRM software Insightly is all about building relationships that last, both internally with colleagues and externally with customers. So, whether you want to sell more, align your teams, or simply elevate your customer service, Insightly can help.

16. Forecast

Image of Forecast

Another helpful Bitrix24 alternative is Forecast, a full-scale project and resource management tool that helps you cut down on administrative work and improve teamwork and communication across your organization.

17. Ayoa

Image of Ayoa

With task management app Ayoa, you can use many of its collaborative features — including chat, mind maps, and kanban boards — to brainstorm with your team and develop stellar content and projects.

18. Keap

Image of Keap

Primarily for small businesses, all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software Keap has helped thousands of companies grow and thrive since 2001.

19. Project Insight

Image of Project Insight

Project management software Project Insight streamlines your processes and centralizes your projects and tasks with one platform. Plus, it grows as your business does, offering a free product option until you need more features and functionality.

20. amoCRM

Image of amoCRM

Completing this list of Bitrix24 alternatives is messenger-based sales tool amoCRM. Fully equipped with tons of integrations and features — in addition to simple, easy-to-use functionality — amoCRM helps your team communicate, collaborate, and sell more effectively.

In addition to helping everyone stay organized and connected, project management software saves time, cuts labor costs, improves internal and external communication, boosts intra- and inter-departmental collaboration, and, ultimately, helps you make more money.

Whether you choose Bitrix24 or one of its many alternatives, you’ll be sure to make work life easier — and more profitable — for your entire organization.

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