How CRM automation can benefit your business

One of the most notable benefits of technology in business is that it allows you to automate your workflows. The more you leverage automation, the better you can optimize profit margins. Automation helps employees step away from busy work and achieve higher productivity levels.

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems use technology to manage all interactions and relationships with customers. They act as tracking systems to keep you connected to current customers and potential clients through every step of the sales funnel. The right CRM gives you a simple way to see the current status of every relationship.

Usually, the acronym CRM refers to a system for contact management, team productivity, and sales management. In recent years, the functionality of these systems has expanded, with in-depth solutions focusing on individual relationships. 

CRM tools allow your business to see the history of each customer relationship, including customer service interactions, marketing outreach received, sales communication, and purchase transactions.

Ultimately, the goal is to improve profitability by streamlining processes whenever possible. As a result, customers buy more products — and your business grows.

What are some examples of CRM automation?

CRM automation systems enhance productivity by automating marketing, administration, service, and sales tasks. Here are a few areas where CRM automation can make your work a little easier:

  • Marketing automation can help your business with lead generation, autoresponder emails, text message notifications, and cross-platform data management.
  • Administration automation simplifies invoicing, reporting, KPI tracking, time management, and communication.
  • Customer service automation provides self-service solutions for customers, password resets, AI chatbots, and ticket routing.
  • Sales automation focuses on areas such as appointment scheduling, daily task flows, funnel tracking, lead assignments, and team collaboration.

Automation helps your teams get better organized and makes it easier to complete time-consuming tasks. These systems also improve the customer experience — and a better customer experience increases satisfaction with your brand. 

What are the benefits of CRM automation?

Automated processes can have a significant impact on your business. Here’s what your business can do by automating your CRM:

  • Improve lead generation efforts
  • Save time by minimizing busywork
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Increase sales conversations
  • Optimize customer satisfaction
  • Maintain strong customer retention rates
  • Reduce overhead costs to increase profit margins
  • Free employees to focus their time on solving problems

Even if you have a highly productive team, manual processes have a big impact on how much each team member can get done. For example, why dedicate hours each week to sending hundreds of follow-up text messages or emails when it’s possible to automate these communications?

Automation frees up your team to focus on more strategic efforts — like building customer relationships and delivering superior service. 

How can forms help with CRM automation?

Gathering accurate information from your customers is one of the most important steps to managing your customer relationships effectively. The quality of information in your database will have an impact on how successful you’ll be.

Jotform is a great solution for the information-gathering part of CRM setup and management. Jotform’s form templates can help you collect all the data you need. 

Plus, that information automatically funnels into Jotform Tables, so you can easily track and manage it. You get real-time reporting and valuable insights. Jotform gives you a low-code alternative to traditional — and expensive — CRMs.  

Jotform’s simple CRM template has the basic features you’ll need. Alternatively, you can customize templates to integrate any additional tracking features you need for lead management, customer outreach, and more. CRM templates are helpful in a range of industries and businesses:

This list is just a brief overview of the many Jotform templates you can choose from. There are also PDF templates, which can streamline processes, helping to improve productivity, solve common workflow issues, and meet your overall business goals. 

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