Jotform 3.0 Sneak Peaks: Survey Tools

Many people, including us, use Jotform to create surveys. But, we were lacking some serious features on that front. Our form builder was designed for short question forms and we did not have conditions and branching features. We also did not have many survey input types.

We are soon introducing many new features that makes Jotform one of the best web tools to create web based surveys.

  1. Label Top Alignment option
  2. Many new survey input types
  3. Conditional fields and branching
  4. New form share options
  5. New form themes
  6. New reporting and charting features

1. Label Top Alignment

Surveys usually require different kind of form layouts. They have long sentences as questions and then short answers. So, the default grid layout does not work well for surveys. We solved this problem by making it possible to show questions above answers using Label Top Alignment feature.

2. New Survey Input Types

Jotform always had many survey friendly form fields such as Checkbox, Radio Button, Star Rating, Page Break and Form Collapse. In addition to these fields, we are now introducing new survey input field types: Scale Rating, Grading, Slider, Range, Spinner and Matrix.

3. Conditional Fields and Branching

New Conditional Logic feature makes it possible to show or hide questions, skip to a particular form page, send emails, change Thank You page or Thank You message. This has been one of the most asked feature requests.

4. New Form Sharing Options

Sticky Feedback buttons are all the rage these days. Well, Jotform 3.0 now supports them. You can easily include your surveys on your pages using new Light Box, Popup box and Feedback Button features.

5. New Form Themes

People love themes. It is a quick and easy way to make your forms look awesome. We have added many new themes on the new version and many more are also on the way.

6. New Reporting and Charting Features

Jotform Reports are one of the coolest features in version 3.0. You can now create professional looking live reports with awesome charts, then share it with others or just print.

I will cover them in more detail in another sneak peak next week.

We are very happy today because our designer, Erkin, has just had a very healthy baby boy. He works from his home in Kyrgyzstan. Congratulations Erkin! 🙂

This article is originally published on Mar 26, 2010, and updated on Feb 11, 2021.
Aytekin Tank is the Founder and CEO of Jotform. A developer by trade but a storyteller by heart, he writes about his journey as an entrepreneur and shares advice for other startups. He loves to hear from Jotform users. You can reach Aytekin from

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