Jotform now a part of the Fiverr Certified program

Jotform now a part of the Fiverr Certified program

In a win-win for Jotform users and Solutions Partners, Jotform is proud to announce a partnership with Fiverr and its Fiverr Certified program.

Fiverr Certified is a unique freelance marketplace full of Jotform Solutions Partners who have a certified seal of approval from Jotform. Now more than ever, Jotform users who look to Fiverr for assistance building forms and workflows can find the Jotform-approved experts they need.

Browse the marketplace to find Jotform specialists who will create exactly what your organization needs — from form construction and design to advanced functionality like payment processing, conditional logic, and more. Plus, enjoy round-the-clock support from Fiverr via message or video call so you’re never more than one step away from a solution.

Did you know?

Jotform and Fiverr already work seamlessly together. With Jotform’s Fiverr logo maker widget, you can access Fiverr’s logo making capabilities within the Form Builder. Use powerful AI and machine learning to create logos in minutes, drawing on thousands of designs from Fiverr’s top freelance designers. It’s also easy to place your new logo on your form. 

Fiverr Certified: How it works

Checking tasks off your to-do list with Jotform and the Fiverr Certified marketplace is an easy four-step process:

1. Choose what you need

Go shopping with Fiverr, and select the services you need from dropdown menus.

2. Review a list of experts

Compare a curated selection of freelancers who match your requirements. Browse skills, experience, and price points to find the perfect fit.

3. Hand it over

Work closely with your selected expert to finalize details of your project. When satisfied, sign off on your proposal and let the magic happen.

4. Review and approve

Once your chosen freelancer delivers your project, review their work and request revisions if needed until everything meets your approval.

Jotform and Fiverr: A collaboration built for results

Working together to get more done is vital to success, no matter the industry. Jotform’s entry into the Fiverr Certified program provides a premium option that opens the door to automation, boosting your organization’s capability to focus on big ideas that set you apart from the competition.

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