CardConnect FAQs

Looking for information about CardConnect? Then, check out the FAQs about CardConnect or directly learn from our 24/7 Support Team!

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  • What is CardConnect?

    CardConnect is a payment processor that allows merchants to accept credit card payments via websites, they are on the market since 2006.

  • How are CardConnect payments processed?

    CardConnect allows to process payments in-store, online, over the phone and on your mobile device. For further information, please check out guide on CardConnect Payment Processing.

  • Is CardConnect safe?

    CardConnect is trusted by over 50,000 merchants all over the globe. It has a patented tokenization process and encryption algorithms to process the data. Besides, through Jotform CardConnect Integration, you can secure your payment forms with PCI Level II compliance and 24/7 customer support. For more details, please check out Jotform security.

  • What is CardConnect hosted payment page?

    CardConnect hosted payment page (HPP) is a secure online checkout page where payment details (credit card information) are collected to be processed in a secure way.

  • How do I integrate CardConnect with my website?

    At Jotform you can create an online form and integrate it with your CardConnect account. The form can be easily embedded in your website to collect payments securely. Please check following guide for further information:How to Integrate CardConnect with a Form.

  • How do I refund using CardConnect?

    For CardConnect collected payments on forms, you can process refunds via CardConnect dashboard. To see refund options, you can select the desired transaction from the list on the Transactions screen.