How to Print Entries in Jotform Tables

March 14, 2022

By default, Jotform Tables allows form owners to download submissions as an Excel, CSV, or PDF file. However, it’s also possible to print submissions. 

Just view the submission and click the Print button. 

There are three ways to view a submission. The first is to click the settings icon (with the three dots), and then click the View Entry option:

The second method is to select the submission, click the More button at the top right side of the table, and then click the View Entry option:

The third, and easiest, method is to hover your mouse over the row of the submission you want to print and click the View button:

Click the Print button in the view window to print the submission.

That’s it! 

If you have questions, suggestions, or issues with printing, please feel free to contact us through one of the support channels below. 

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